Magic Chillax

With our Magic Chillax concept in the CLUB MAGIC LIFE Kemer Imperial you can enjoy quietness and togetherness or you can celebrate with other singles, experience unique events and forget the daily routine. Here you won´t hear loud children like in other CLUB MAGIC LIFE clubs, no Magic Mini Club or Magic Munco Club – because Magic Chillax is only for adults and young adults from 16 years on. For couples as well as for singles. You want to stay in bed longer and just relax before leaving the room for breakfast? - Our Magic Chillax concept also includes breakfast until 12.30 - exclusively in the CLUB MAGIC LIFE Kemer Imperial.

Are you a single traveler? Nobody feels alone in summer at CLUB MAGIC LIFE Sharm el Sheikh Imperial and Kemer Imperial - there we have our our Magic Angels. The are responsible for our single travelling guests, help them to get to know other guests and build a community that enables our guests to share the magic moments at CLUB MAGIC LIFE together. NEW in winter 2013/14: The Magic Angels are there for you in four clubs:

   • CLUB MAGIC LIFE Kalawy Imperial
   • CLUB MAGIC LIFE Fuerteventura Imperial
   • CLUB MAGIC LIFE Sharm el Sheikh Imperial
   • CLUB MAGIC LIFE Penelope Beach Imperial