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        Tauchen Paerchen Bühne - MAGIC

        Dive in and disappear

        Your diving holiday with TUI MAGIC LIFE

        Have you always wanted to get up close to the famous clownfish Nemo?

        Then enjoy an active resort holiday and dive into an unforgettable underwater world. Experience the unique, fascinating weightlessness, peace and exoticness of the underwater world. In addition to Nemo and his friends, you’ll glide past a multitude of other fish, sea life, coral and exotic plants. Or you can simply learn how to dive during your holiday at the MAGIC Divers diving schools in Egypt. You’ll be dreaming of this very special holiday highlight long after you’ve returned home.

        Which destinations are suitable for a diving or snorkelling holiday?

        Diving in Egypt:

        The most popular destination in the world for a diving holiday is the Red Sea in Egypt. Incredible coral reefs and magnificent colours are all waiting to be discovered in crystal-clear waters. The areas around Hurghada are particularly appealing for beginners. A total of 1100 different species of fish populate the Red Sea. Thanks to its warm water temperatures, Egypt is suitable for diving holidays throughout the year. Information on diving in Egypt: The resort’s diving school MAGIC Divers allows both young and old to familiarise themselves with the basic techniques of diving with a taster course. You can then start diving yourself under professional instruction. Book your diving holiday in Egypt at TUI MAGIC LIFE Kalawy or TUI MAGIC LIFE Sharm el Sheikh.

        Diving holidays in Ibiza:

        Underwater sport enthusiasts will delight at what a diving holiday off the coast of Ibiza can offer. In the bay of Cala Pada, in the east of the island, you’ll experience the Mediterranean in all its glory and colours the whole year round. Most divers set off on their underwater adventures between the start of May and the end of October. However, many species of fish only approach the coast once the waters become cooler. The island’s incredible reefs and rocky landscapes are ideal for offering beginners and advanced divers an unforgettable experience. Our local partner, Diving Center, Ibiza, offers courses for children aged eight and older, as well as for adults. Book your unforgettable diving holiday on Ibiza at TUI MAGIC LIFE Cala Pada.

        Diving holidays on Rhodes:

        One of the highlights for all diving enthusiasts must be the diving region of Plimmiri on the south coast of the island of Rhodes. In addition to breath-taking coral reefs and a multitude of species of fish, a diving holiday here also means finding antique amphorae and unusual stone formations. Those who are lucky and patient can also see dolphins and turtles beneath the water. The best time for unforgettable diving is between the beginning of April and the end of October. Begin your possible new hobby by diving at TUI MAGIC LIFE Plimmiri on Rhodes.

        Does TUI MAGIC LIFE also offer snorkelling holidays?

        If you want to go diving without a breathing apparatus, we also offer the option of a snorkelling holiday. Relax and enjoy the fantastic nature beneath the waves of the Red Sea. All destinations in Egypt, Rhodes and Ibiza are not only perfect for diving holidays, they are also ideally suited to snorkelling.


        Prices and conditions

        • How much does diving on holiday cost and why do a taster course?

          Diving holiday costs:
          Your first experience of diving will not be only a unique experience with us. The costs for a taster course are included in the travel price. Usually, such a day-long taster course costs around 100 euros. Diving costs depend on local external operators.
          Book your diving holiday now at TUI MAGIC LIFE Kalawy or TUI MAGIC LIFE Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt.What do you learn on a taster course?
          A taster course answers important questions about diving both with theory and with practice. Learn the theory basics with a diving holiday and our certified diving instructors or at our diving school: How do you communicate underwater? What do I do when my mask steams up underwater and how do I best equalise water pressure? After you’ve become familiar with the basics, you’ll take an initial dive with a pressure cylinder in the swimming pool before diving in the sea with a qualified instructor.

        Get going – alone or with children

        • The first dive and are children also allowed to dive?

          What do you take into account before the first dive?
          You don’t have to miss out on experiencing diving if you suffer from a condition such as asthma or high blood pressure. However, we do recommend consulting your doctor before embarking on a diving holiday, particularly if you suffer from problems with your eyes, ears or sinuses. The diving instructor at your travel destination should also be notified of such conditions. If you get a cold right before or during your diving holiday, we strongly recommend not diving. Diving holidays with children?
          Diving for children younger than eight is not currently possible. However, our childcare team looks forward to welcoming your little ones so that you can go diving without worry. To make sure that the whole family enjoys an unforgettable diving holiday, we recommend a minimum age of 12. Children first learn to dive in a playful way in the pool and then later in shallow waters.