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        Frau an Board eines Katamarans

        Sailing on the Mediterranean or Atlantic

        Sailing on holiday with TUI MAGIC LIFE

        What makes a sailing holiday so special?

        Cast off and full speed ahead! Feel the fresh wind in your hair sailing on the Mediterranean and experience an unforgettable voyage aboard a catamaran. Enjoy your sailing holiday by combining sun, sea and physical activity on the water. You’ll experience the breath-taking coastlines of your favourite countries from the vastness of the sea. ##ORE##Sailing on holiday is an adventure for the whole family. Upon presentation of your internationally recognised catamaran certificate, you can take out first-rate Topcat catamarans. This is also the perfect place for sailing beginners. Experience sailing for the first time on your resort holiday, such as on the Tunisian mainland at TUI MAGIC LIFE Africana, and take advantage of our special TUI MAGIC LIFE offers for sailing beginners.

        Which countries are the best for a sailing holiday on the Mediterranean?

        The most beautiful spots to drop anchor are found on the Mediterranean. Sailing in Greece, Tunisia and Turkey is particularly popular. High winds on the open sea provide the ideal conditions for an unforgettable sailing trip.