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        Club Cala Pada Fußball im Cluburlaub auf Ibiza - MAGIC

        Outdoor sports – all included

        Outdoor sports at our resort

        From football to golf – ball sports with TUI MAGIC LIFE

        You love to set, kick or hit the ball? Then you are in exactly the right place with us! A huge range of balls sports are waiting for you. Join a beach volleyball match with family and friends and enjoy the sand between your toes. The new resort on Rhodes, TUI MAGIC LIFE Waterworld and Jacaranda in Turkey offer the perfect conditions for it.  Golf, football, tennis and so much more ... TUI MAGIC LIFE has something for everyone. Find your MAGIC highlight resort and your holiday can’t get any better. Our highlight resorts have tennis lessons, midnight football tournaments and cool beach volleyball events waiting for you.

        Football is simply inseparable from TUI MAGIC LIFE

        The round thing has got to go in the rectangle thing

        Have you always wanted to kick the ball into the back of the net with other football enthusiasts while enjoying a Mediterranean climate? Then take advantage of our all inclusive offer from TUI MAGIC LIFE and practise one of the world’s most popular sports on our carefully kept mini football pitches. Improve your game or simply enjoy kicking around the ball. And to ensure that you don’t get too hot doing so, the MAGIC highlight resorts put on midnight tournaments. Bring your friends or make new ones at the resort. Whatever you do, you’ll enjoy unforgettable football moments with us and friends, family or club mates.

        Spieler auf Fußballplatz-MAGIC

        Beach volleyball is a sport you can simply enjoy all day

        Beachvolleyball am Strand

        Castles made of sand ...

        What makes a perfect day at the sea for you? Sun, sand and sea! Relaxation, great food and drink, nice friends or your own family! If fun, sports and exercise are also important to you, then a game of beach volleyball is simply a must on holiday! It’s the perfect way to exercise on the beach while also having fun with the family or friends, soaking up the sun and cooling off after a game and rinsing off the sand in the sea. And the best part is: You don’t have to take care of a thing. We organise at least 2 games a day!

        Golf completes a holiday

        Golf spielen

        Challenging for any golfer

        A sport that fascinates! Are you familiar with the terms dogleg, albatross and eagle? Do you dream of pitching and putting? Then you’re already thinking like a golfer. Going on holiday doesn’t mean having to go without your favourite sport: navigate tricky bunkers far from your local golf club. At TUI MAGIC LIFE there are manicured fairways and picturesque countryside with new challenges waiting for you. Golfing holidays are not only popular with golf lovers. A golfing holiday in Turkey or Tunisia is also excellently suited to getting started as a beginner, going home with your golf license and becoming immersed in the world of golf.

        Tennis – our resorts offer excellent playing conditions


        Game, set and match for all tennis players

        Hit a few balls on holiday, this time perhaps beneath the Ibizan, Calabrian, Tunisian or Greek sun. Really work up a sweat and clear the mind. One thing is for sure: first-rate tennis matches are guaranteed on our courts. If you already know the basics and simply wish to improve your game, then book a lesson with one of our trained tennis coaches. The same applies for skilled and advanced players, as well as for kids, teens and adults. Our professional trainers are there for you. Book your tennis holiday today and get ready for singles, doubles or mixed matches.