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        Fußball auf gepflegtem Rasen

        Ball sports – all inclusive

        From football to golf – ball sports with TUI MAGIC LIFE

        You love to set, kick or hit the ball? Then you are in exactly the right place with us! A huge range of balls sports are waiting for you. Join a beach volleyball match with family and friends and enjoy the sand between your toes. The resort on Rhodes, TUI MAGIC LIFE Waterworld and Jacaranda in Turkey offer the perfect conditions for it.  

        Golf, football, tennis and so much more ... TUI MAGIC LIFE has something for everyone. Find your MAGIC highlight resort (= particularly extensive services in the respective category) and your holiday can’t get any better. Our highlight resorts have tennis lessons (highlight tennis), midnight football tournaments (highlight football) and cool beach volleyball events (highlight beach volleyball) waiting for you.

        Ball sports at our resorts

        Golf destinations at TUI MAGIC LIFE

        Golferin- MAGIC

        Do you know Dogleg, Albatros and Eagle? Do you dream of pitching and putting? Then it's time to swing your golf club on holiday. A club holiday is an excellent way to do this. Thanks to the all-inclusive services, you can strengthen yourself at the buffet before or after your round of golf as you wish..

        The popular golf destinations such as Turkey or Tunisia are ideal for beginners to get started in the sport of golf and to immerse themselves in the golfers' attitude towards life. 

        More about Golf in Turkey

        More about Golf in Tunisia

        Extensive sports selection in the resort:

        Bogensport im Club mit Gästen und Animateuren.

        Other activities such as fitness, outdoor sports or entertainment are also a big part of the resort's activities. This guarantees variety.

        Further sports offers:

        • Water sports
        • Fitness, boxing, zumba
        • Archery
        • Biking

        Click here to go to the Overview of all activities