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        Club Plimmiri Beachvolleyball MAGIC

        Beach volleyball in the resort

        Beach volleyball – the best thing about beach holidays

        What really sets a beach volleyball holiday apart?

        Feeling the warm sand between your toes while the sea sighs in the background and you serve to win game, set and match . No sports enthusiast can resist the idea of sun, sea and sand combined with team spirit and fun. All our MAGIC LIFE resorts offer you both lots of fantastic sports and relaxation opportunities as well as at least one beach volleyball court on a fine, sandy beach. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned player, we have something for every beach volleyball player. 
        Enjoy time together with your family, friends or partner and seize the opportunity to improve your game, skill and condition at the same time.

        Your beach volleyball services in comparison

        What to expect in our resorts with beach volleyball offer

        • at least two beach volleyball courts
        • daily beach volleyball games
        • weekly tournaments

        What to expect in all resorts with MAGIC highlight beach volleyball

        • at least 4 beach volleyball courts
        • beach volleyball court with floodlights
        • daily beach volleyball games
        • weekly tournaments with DJ
        • moonlight Tournament
        • great beach volleyball events

        Who can play beach volleyball on holiday?

        Whether you’re a beginner or advanced player – everyone can enjoy playing or even learning beach volleyball at our TUI MAGIC LIFE resorts. Grab a beach volleyball and let the fun begin. No previous experience needed! Get to know lots of other holidaymakers over a relaxed game and cool off with a refreshing drink at our bar after a friendly match next to the sea. It’s a wonderful way to finish off the evening. Games are usually two against two. However, beginners are welcome to play in teams of three or four. 

        Where’s the best place to play beach volleyball?

        The wonderful thing about beach volleyball is that it can be played on any sandy beach in the world. Whether it’s the north coast of Crete or in the bay of Santa Eulalia in the east of Ibiza, all you need is a ball and net and the fun can begin. All our TUI MAGIC LIFE resorts have their own beach volleyball courts. Particularly impressive is the turquoise Mediterranean with its miles of sandy beaches along the south coast of the Turkish Riviera. TUI MAGIC LIFE Jacaranda or TUI MAGIC LIFE Calabria also offer perfect conditions for thrilling beach volleyball fun on holiday. Enjoy sport in places where other people are only on holiday!

        Beachvolleyball Match-MAGIC

        The benefits of beach volleyball

        In addition to having a whole load of fun, beach volleyball boasts many advantages over other sports. Because it demands use of all your muscle groups, you get a full-body workout. The soft sand also ensures that your joints aren’t stressed to greatly. As a team sport, beach volleyball is excellently suited to families, friends or couples. What could be nicer that exercising in the fresh air against a picturesque backdrop of the sea? After your game, and your ‘workout’, are over, treat yourself to a well-earned drink with spectators or your fellow players, your old friends or new.

        What needs to be considered for a beach volleyball holiday?

        To ensure that your first beach volleyball experience is a complete success, sun lotion is a must. It’s easy to forget the sun’s strength when you’re having so much fun enjoying sport on the beach. There are no restrictions when it comes to sportswear. All you need are sports shorts, a shirt and sunglasses. Beach socks are recommended during cooler times of year. By the way: People who wear contact lenses can also play on the sand without problem. Our tip: Enjoy unforgettable night-time matches and weekly tournaments with our MAGIC highlight programmes.


        The rules of beach volleyball

        Usually two teams of two play opposite each other. The first team to reach 21 points wins the set. A match is won by the team that manages to win two sets. If it comes to a third set, this is played to only 15 points. These are the standard rules used at a TUI MAGIC LIFE beach volleyball camp. To remove any advantage created by the sun or unfair winds, the teams switch sides after every eight points. Fun and enjoyment are the most important things at our resorts and for your beach volleyball holiday. That’s why you are welcome to adapt the rules as you see fit. So don’t be surprised if you see a match of four against four. More players usually means more plays. This increases the fun factor for the players and the public. Our tip: After a game of beach volleyball, enjoy a cool beer, ice tea or delicious cocktail at the bar.

        Beachvolleyball am Strand