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        +49 511 567 8670 daily 8 am - 10 pm (CET), German-speaking
        Party mit Freunden im Club - MAGIC

        Party & Nightlife

        ... more partying, more feeling!

        We really get the party going: with the best entertainment, wide-ranging parties and incomparable flair for party lovers. Let our shows, live music and club beats sweep you away, and make your holiday with TUI MAGIC LIFE the best time of your life. All our resorts offer you a comprehensive entertainment programme with different theme parties, exciting shows and fantastic live music. You’ll not be bored here!

        Begin your unforgettable party!

        Whether it’s with old friends, new friends or a partner, TUI MAGIC LIFE makes sure you never have to look long for a reason to party. Take, for example, our alternating theme parties that range from Flashback Party to Beach Party. Dance to the latest tunes almost every night at our resorts. You prefer to sit back and be entertained? Our live shows and bands will transport you to a vibrant world of diverse entertainment. Plus, our Night Line will entice you each evening with chilled sounds.

        Enjoy life with our nightlife