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        Step-Aerobic unter einem Sonnendach

        Sport and fitness all day long

        Fitness for beginners, regulars and pros:

        You’ve got the time for exercise and TUI MAGIC LIFE has got the courses

        Whether you’re travelling as a family or by yourself, try out new sports and courses with TUI MAGIC LIFE. Not only will they make your holiday even more enjoyable, but they’ll also enrich it even further. Our comprehensive programme of courses is designed for holidaymakers of all fitness levels. Beginners wanting to try out new sports or simply complement their holiday with a few training units are welcome at TUI MAGIC LIFE. Take advantage of what we have to offer and let our qualified trainers help motivate you during your fitness holiday to keep you active even after its over. Whichever programme you choose, fitness on holiday should always be fun!

        Fitness means well-being

        Return from your holiday with renewed motivation and feeling better in yourself. Enjoy the comprehensive programme of sports offered by TUI MAGIC LIFE and get your body back in shape with a short workout. Use the opportunity to start your healthier life! Our tip: Don’t forget to pack your sportswear, even if you’re not planning on joining a fitness programme. It could well be that one of our courses entice you while you’re here.


        How much do the different programmes cost on a fitness holiday?

        Naturally, courses are included for guests in the package price. Equipment, such as step boards for Step Aerobics, are also available free for use.

        What programmes are available on a TUI MAGIC LIFE fitness holiday?

        Whether you’re a mum, dad, child, grandparent or single traveller, we have the right fitness option for everyone and every age. Football enthusiasts can enjoy the football pitch, yoga practitioners can stretch on the yoga mats. Everyone can find their fitness or sport and likeminded friends or training partners with TUI MAGIC LIFE Fitness. TUI MAGIC LIFE offers you the opportunity to take advantage of our comprehensive and international fitness programme six times a week. Each resort is home to an aerobics area and fitness room. If you’re unsure about if you’re training effectively or exercising incorrectly, talk to one of our first-rate trainers. Our resorts have expert personal trainers on site – subject to availability – who are happy to advise you and answer your sport and fitness questions. In addition to being a source of theoretical knowledge, they’ll also show you how to have fun exercising, help you keep going and advise you on how to build on your previous successes. Our coaches have put together a diverse programme for you that will help you achieve a firm body and tight bottom during your fitness holiday. Our resort programme offers a broad spectrum of courses: from Step Aerobics, Legs, Bums and Tums to Aqua Fitness. Younger guests can burn off energy with Kids Zumba® or Teens Dance.

        What other activities does TUI MAGIC LIFE offer in addition to its fitness programmes?

        There should be no shortage of fun on a fitness holiday. That’s why we offer a wide range of ball sports, such as volleyball and football, plus many aquatic sports. Try out wakeboarding or waterskiing. Golfers get their money’s worth on our golf courses in Turkey and Tunisia. Archery is a great way to keep fit while also sharpening your concentration. You can also discover the fascinating nature of Egypt or Fuerteventura while diving or on a cycling tour.

        Are your programmes suitable for beginners?

        Holidays are a great time for trying out new sports and fitness courses. The TUI MAGIC LIFE programmes are perfect for this. The courses on offer with TUI MAGIC LIFE fitness holidays are suitable for everyone – beginners and advanced alike. Our trainers always demonstrate simple exercises that everyone can immediately join in with, without curtailing the enjoyment for regulars. Plus, there are special programmes for beginners, such as Easy Step Aerobics or Indoor Cycling for Beginners. People suffering from health problems are advised to seek medical consultation before travelling.