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        Mann beim Biken am Meer

        Outdoor activities

        Outdoor resort sports and activities

        Off to new adventures

        Recharge your batteries and clear your mind with an outdoor workout. Mount your bike, start pedalling and explore the volcanic island of Fuerteventura – TUI MAGIC LIFE makes it possible. Do you prefer the calm and "focusing" on your breathing? Archery not only trains your concentration but brings your breathing, musculature and mind in harmony with each other. Book a holiday for the soul!

        Cycling – experience more, discover more


        Firm calves

        Do you like to combine activities and relaxation during your holiday? Our resort concept allows you to enjoy many activities – such as going on cycling tours and discovering new routes along the picturesque coastlines. TUI MAGIC LIFE provides premium bikes for a range of tours, as well as many different routes for all abilities. No cyclist is left wanting.

        Archery – concentration and excitement

        Club Sharm-el-Sheikh Gruppe-Bogenschiessen - MAGIC

        Target-oriented holiday

        Perhaps you still remember your first homemade bow as a kid or arrows and bows still remind you of playing cowboys and Indians? We offer the whole family the chance to try out archery while on holiday. Archery has been used by people of many different cultures for hunting and self-defence for thousands of years. Today, archery is a sport that trains the archer’s whole body, developing both the mind and body together.