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        Ein Aqua-Cycling-Rad steht am Rand des ActivityPools

        Aqua Fitness

        Aqua Fitness – exercising above and beneath the water

        But instead of just lying on the air mattress, exercise is now the order of the day - at Aqua Fitness in the TUI MAGIC LIFE resorts. 

        Whether water gymnastics, aqua cycling or aqua jogging, the element water is the perfect training location for beginners, advanced and professionals. All you need to keep fit in the water is swimwear. The different Aqua Fitness courses are suitable for holidaymakers of all fitness levels and are a healthy and motivating alternative to conventional fitness training.

        Work on your coordination, balance and flexibility while effectively burning calories. No matter if you are already an experienced aquatic athlete or if you want to try something new: You will always find a suitable course in your resort. Our experienced trainers will help you with advice and action when it comes to selection, training and motivation.

        A range of workout methods in the water

        aqua gymnastics -

        The training in the water is gentle and effective. This is mainly due to the fact that one's own body weight in water is reduced tenfold, but the exercises are very strenuous due to the high resistance of the water.

        While in aqua gymnastics you mainly work with pool noodles and boards, in aqua jogging you run with a belt or a vest. These aids are used for buoyancy and provide stability in the water. During aqua cycling courses you ride on a special water bicycle in the non-swimmer area of a pool. It is a popular strength and endurance training and provides a lot of fun.

        What are the benefits of aqua fitness?

        Aqua Fitness is one of the healthiest sports of all: The gentle endurance training in water strengthens the cardiovascular system, the muscles and the immune system. It tightens the tissue and protects ligaments, tendons and joints. When it comes to calorie consumption, training in water can also offer a lot: The thermal conductivity of the water additionally increases calorie consumption, averaging 400 calories per 30 minutes.

        Equipment and clothing

        All you need for your fitness training in the water is a swimsuit or a bikini. Swimming boards, pool noodles and buoyancy belts are provided by our trainers at the beginning of the courses.

        Fitnessangebot Aqua Cycling

        Aqua Fitness courses at TUI MAGIC LIFE resorts

        • TUI MAGIC LIFE Africana Sun, sea and sand await you on kilometres of Tunisian coastline.
        • TUI MAGIC LIFE Belek Working out in the water and on land are a big part of a resort holiday on the Turkish Riviera.
        • TUI MAGIC LIFE Cala Pada The resort on the small Balearic island of Ibiza boasts a fabulous location along with numerous sports, fitness and wellness programmes.
        • TUI MAGIC LIFE Candia Maris Guests aged 16 and over feel like they are in paradise with TUI MAGIC LIFE on Crete.
        • TUI MAGIC LIFE Fuerteventura Experience around the clock fitness training directly at the dunes and sea in resort Fuerteventura.
        • TUI MAGIC LIFE Jacaranda Relaxation pool, activity pool, indoor pool and an aqua park – you can’t get much more water.
        • TUI MAGIC LIFE Kalawy A private swimming lagoon with a vibrant coral reef makes the resort a Mecca for divers and snorkelers at the Red Sea.
        • TUI MAGIC LIFE Marmari Palace With its generous aquatic sports and Aqua Fitness programmes, the resort is a haven for all water lovers.
        • TUI MAGIC LIFE Penelope Beach Boasting a huge aqua park and five water slides, the resort on Djerba is particularly perfect for families with children.
        • TUI MAGIC LIFE Plimmiri  The resort on Rhodes sets sports lovers hearts racing.
        • TUI MAGIC LIFE Sarigerme The resort on the Aegean Sea in Turkey has been awarded the Best Resort prize by guests.
        • TUI MAGIC LIFE Sharm El Sheikh Spectacular underwater worlds and an exciting sports and fitness programme await you at the Red Sea.
        • TUI MAGIC LIFE Waterworld 11 pools, 7 water slides and an 800 m resort-owned sandy beach is what a holiday in Belek on the Turkish Riviera looks like.