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        Kanufahren in der Bucht


        Canoeing: A special experience

        You want more than simply lying on the beach and enjoying the sun? Then spend a day on the water with TUI MAGIC LIFE.

        Canoeing is a highlight at numerous TUI MAGIC LIFE resorts. Discover your dream beaches from the water on a canoe trip. Whether you’re with friends, a partner or family, you’ll fall in love with the inviting peaceful bays, while gentle waves send you along on your journey of discovery. There’s also plenty for experienced canoers to enjoy. Beginners receive practical tips on handling their canoe while experienced canoers explore the coastline under their own steam.

        Your adventure on the water

        Canoeing is one of the most popular water sports around – not least because both young and old can easily pick it up without any previous experience. In contrast to rowing, canoers face the direction of travel and the paddles are held freely in the hands. Canoeing also improves balance, strength and stamina. The arms and upper body provide the power while the legs provide secure purchase.

        Kanu fahren

        Combine rambling with canoeing

        Canoeing is perfect both as a competitive sport or for canoeing trips along rivers. Canoeing trips are particularly popular for family excursions. They are a great opportunity to see the area from a completely different perspective.

        Combining rambling with canoeing is great for communal experiences. Three and four-seater kayaks with space for provisions are available. Paddle boats sit well in the water and are manoeuvrable enough to navigate to the next bay. Whether you’re out for an hour or the whole day, canoeing is all about having fun and enjoying nature.

        Try canoeing in these resorts:

        Many TUI MAGIC LIFE resorts offer a water sports station with canoes. Canoeing is possible for holidaymakers aged 16 and over; younger guests aged 12 and over require the consent of their parents to be allowed to paddle.


        • TUI MAGIC LIFE Africana  The Africana club resort is located near Hammamet. The sandy beach invites you to relax and long walks. Water sports are very important here - at the water sports station all the necessary equipment is provided for canoeists.
        • TUI MAGIC LIFE Jacaranda The resort on the Turkish Riviera is situated on a shallow sandy beach. Canoeists from the age of 16 and children from the age of eleven with permission of their parents can set off.
        • TUI MAGIC LIFE Kalawy Hurghada is a dream destination for paddlers who want to discover the Red Sea by canoe.
        • TUI MAGIC LIFE Marmari Palace The sandy beach is the starting point for windsurfers and canoeists. Discover the beautiful coast of Kos by canoe.
        • TUI MAGIC LIFE Penelope Beach At the beach of Sidi Mehrez you can enjoy numerous water sports activities. Of course there is also a water sports centre with canoes.
        • TUI MAGIC LIFE Plimmiri The resort offers a water sports centre with rental of catamarans (against charge), windsurf equipment and canoes. Children from the age of eleven can try their hand at canoeing, with the consent of their parents.
        • TUI MAGIC LIFE Sarigerme The resorts invites you to water sports. Canoes are an integral part. With parental permission young canoeists are allowed to paddle from the age of twelve!