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        If you have specific questions about bookings, changes or cancellations, please contact our Service Center by telephone (only German speaking staff). Due to the current situation there may be slightly increased waiting times.
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        Safety and hygiene standards for the reopening of the resorts

        10-point plan for the reopening of the hotels

        TUI has introduced a 10-point plan with a set of measures and standards to reopen its’ hotels. The measures will enable guests to enjoy their holidays in the knowledge that the highest hygiene standards in relation to Covid-19 have been put in place. In addition to organisation, capacity planning and hygiene measures, the plan also includes intensive training of local staff. It is part of a more comprehensive package of measures that covers all of the tour operator's service components.

        Click here for the TUI press release.

        The 10-point plan of TUI explained in the video

        The plan in detail:*

        Hotel organisation

        • Online check-in: Holidaymakers can soon make check-in contactless at many hotels by checking in online via the hotel's website or via their smartphone.
        • Distance rule: In public areas such as in the restaurants, corridors or gyms, all employees are required to keep a distance of 1.5 to two metres between them and the guests.
        • Personnel planning: Staff will work together in fixed teams in order to reconstruct possible infection chains.

        Capacity adjustment

        • Restaurant: The capacities in the hotel restaurants will be reduced. Tables are placed with a minimum distance of 1.5 metres. This and local regulations limit the number of guests in the restaurant.
        • Extension of opening hours: In order to provide sufficient space for all guests, the opening hours of restaurants and other hotel facilities will be extended.
        • Entertainment and activities: Only events, sports and entertainments involving a small number of participants and without close contact will be made available. Golf or tennis, for example, can take place, but football tournaments cannot. The spa offer will be adapted and childcare will be organised according to new standards in line with the requirements of the destinations.

        Hygiene & Disinfection

        • Expansion of disinfectant dispensers: The number of dispensers will be significantly increased so that guests and employees can disinfect their hands at all important contact points. For example, all locations where food and drink is offered, sports facilities and in the lobby area. 
        • Room cleaning: Extensive new cleaning practices will be put in place to provide the best possible protection against potential Covid-19 viruses. All rooms will be thoroughly deep cleaned before the arrival of guests and the same intensely robust cleaning protocols will be applied during every guest change over. 
        • Restriction of self-service: More service, less self-service: depending on local regulations, food and beverages will be served to guests by staff wearing protective masks. Self-service offers such as buffets will be reduced to a minimum.

        Extensive training programme

        • Training by independent auditors: TUI has all employees in its own hotels trained by an independent auditor. 


        *The measurements are introduced in addition to the legal regulations of the respective holiday countries and continuously adapted to current knowledge and developments.


        General questions

        • Do I have to bring and wear a face mask?

          Depending on local specifications a face mask must be worn in certain areas. Please bring your own face mask. In some clubs a mask will be offered, as long as stock is available.

        • How do you make sure the needed distances are kept?

          Generally, a minimum distance of 1.5-2.0 m is to be kept to other guests (and staff) at all times in all outlets. To ensure that the necessary distance is maintained as far as possible, the processes in all relevant areas have been adapted. Among other things, designated paths, separate entrances and exits, signage, floor markings and distance lines as well as the reduction of capacities serve to comply with the minimum distance.

        • Are Disinfection dispensers installed in the resort?

          Yes, disinfection dispensers are available throughout the resort.

        • What will change in terms of cleaning?

          All cleaning agents have an appropriate disinfection degree and proper working equipment (e.g. single-use gloves) is used. In the rooms, items like decorative pillows or day blankets will be removed. All linen will be washed with the proper temperature. Thorough cleaning and disinfection of all rooms takes place after every departure. Furthermore, all public areas will be cleaned more often and intense.

        • Do I have to consider anything when entering the country?

          Please inform yourself - depending on the booked service - regularly and especially shortly before arrival about the local (entry) regulations and hygiene measures of the travel countries, the respective airports as well as about specific regulations of the booked airlines.

        • Is it possible to speed up the check-in in the club?

          Yes. Simply use our TUI MAGIC LIFE app to provide us with the data which we need for your check-in. Depending on country and nationality we will ask you for a confirmation by signature and passports or ID on arrival. If you do not have a smartphone or tablet to install the app, you can download and print the check-in form on our website, fill it out before arrival and bring it with you. With these measures waiting times and personal contact points are reduced.

        Questions on food & drink

        • Are there changes in food and beverage or restaurants?

          We still offer a large All-Inclusive variety in the main restaurant Magico and the specialty restaurants. We adapt the way we serve the food to local specifications. Signs and marks will help in all restaurants to keep those guidelines. Generally, food and drinks will be served from the buffet and stations. Self-service is not possible due to local specifications. In some resorts we will enlarge the opening hours and/or implement reservation systems to make sure distances can be kept.

        • Are there changes regarding the Bars, Coffee House or Snacks?

          We still offer all kind of drinks, snacks, pastries and hot drinks; they usually will be given to you by our employees. Self-service is currently not possible due to local specifications.

        • Do I have to wear a face mask in the restaurant?

          Depending on local specifications a face mask can be mandatory when entering the restaurant and moving in the restaurant. You do not have to wear a covering when you are seated.

        Questions on sports and activities

        • Is the gym open and what do I have to consider when going to the gym?

          Yes, it will be operated based on guidelines and local regulations. A minimum distance of 2.5m at cardio devices and 1.5m at all other devices must be kept. Additionally, we recommend leaving devices empty between guests to keep distance. Our guests must disinfect the equipment after use. The changing rooms and lockers cannot be used – please leave your valuables in your room and visit the gym already dressed for sports. The opening times of the fitness studio may vary due to local legislation and the supervision by our club staff.

        • Will group fitness activities take place?

          The fitness courses will take place in compliance with the distance regulations and therefore with a reduced number of participants. In order to regulate the number of participants, the registration for fitness courses is offered via the TUI MAGIC LIFE app. The activities will be repeated during the day to make up the level of capacity. The hotel team is happy to support, in case you have any issues with the registration via app.

        • How about bike tours and archery?

          Both will be offered. You can register for a bike tour at the Bike-Station / Bike Guides and for archery via the TUI MAGIC LIFE App.

        • Is cycling offered?

          Yes. Fitness cycling is offered outdoors.

        • Will there be changes at water sports?

          Canoes and SUPs can usually only be used by individuals or adults with children only. Catamarans can typically only be used by individuals or two to three people if they are family members or belonging to the same travel group. Windsurfing is offered without any restrictions. In the clubs with motorized watersports, Monoski, Waterski, Wakeboard and Banana Boat will be offered if local regulations allow this.

        • Do I have to register for all activities?

          To adjust the number of participants we offer to register for some activities via the TUI MAGIC LIFE App. For fitness courses, archery, tennis the registration will be possible via the app in advance. The hotel team is happy to support, in case you have any issues with the registration via app. Registrations for water sports and bike activities will have to be done in advance at water sport station / bike station, all other activities can be participated in without reservation.

        Questions on entertainment & events

        • How will the entertainment be like?

          We still offer a varying programme. Darts, Boccia, club dance and similar will take place with the needed distance. Shows, Live Music, DJ performances and Cinema will usually take place outside according to the valid distance regulations. Theme days will currently not take place in order to respect the new hygienic rules.

        • Will there be Parties and Night Clubs?

          Parties and Night Clubs in enclosed buildings will not be operated but an alternative programme at spacious outdoor area will be provided. The evening program remains very diverse with shows, live music, DJ sets, games, our nightline and at least 2 parties a week.

        • Will the TUI MAGIC LIFE events take place as planned?

          No, all events are cancelled for this year due to the valid distance regulations.

        Questions on childcare

        • Will there be childcare offered?

          Generally, our MAGIC Mini Club, the MAGIC Kids Club and the Teens Time as well as the Youngsters Club in selected clubs will be open for the different age groups while we follow local regulations. The programme will be adapted according to the distance rules. Therefore, activities like MAGIC Mini Dinner, Teens DJ Workshop & Baking/Cooking cannot be offered for the moment. The MAGIC Mini Disco is offered in a modified form as a MAGIC Fairy Visit. Kids Club attendance will be bookable via the app and a defined drop off and pick up procedure for the children will be implemented. Regular washing of hands over the entire care period, constant disinfection of furniture and toys as well as regular ventilation of the rooms ensure maximum safety and hygiene in the MAGIC Kids Club.

        • Are the playgrounds open?

          Playgrounds outside of the respective kids clubs are open and can be used by the kids freely. We kindly ask the parents to supervise the adherence of their children to the distance rules. The playgrounds within the Kids Club grounds are part of the normal Kids Club activity programme. Kids participating in the kids activity programme can enjoy the playground under supervision of our kids entertainers. Moreover, they can be used by children under the supervision of parents when the Kids Club activities end.

        Questions about beach, pools & wellness

        • Can the pools and the beach be visited as usual?

          Yes, the beach and the pools will be opened in accordance with local regulations (e.g. capacity limitations). Sun loungers will be placed with sufficient distance.

        • Are aqua parks opened?

          Yes, the aqua parks will be opened in accordance with local specifications (e.g. capacity limitations). We kindly ask the parents to supervise the adherence of their children to the distance rules.

        • Is the spa /wellness area open?

          Yes, it will be operated based on guidelines and local regulations.

        *All information in this document is related to the TUI MAGIC LIFE Clubs in general. All reopenings are subject to the lifting of the travel warning by the Federal Foreign Office to the destination in question, as well as to the regulations on hotel operations in the country in question, which are currently being negotiated. The measurements are introduced in addition to the legal regulations of the respective holiday countries and continuously adapted to current knowledge and developments.

        Do you have questions about your existing booking? Click here to get further information about the current situation.