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        Kalabrien Strand

        Holidays in Calabria

        Italy's sunniest region

        With 320 sunny days, Calabria, the "toe" of the "boot"of Italy, is one of the sunniest regions in EuropeFantastic beaches, clear water and idyllic towns make the region a top destination for an authentic Italian holiday. Lush orchards, palm groves and vineyards await you.  Calabria is separated from the rest of Italy by mountains up to 2,000 metres high with rough cliffs and dense forests. Perhaps Calabria is still an insider tip because it almost feels like an island – even though not only water sports enthusiasts and sun worshippers can enjoy themselves there. The region is also characterised by its cultural diversity and is perfect for an individual active holiday.

        Popular places for your holidays in Calabria

        Kalabrien Tropea
        • Tropea: Tropea, on the west coast of Calabria, has just under 8,000 inhabitants and lies extremely photogenic on a cliff 60 metres above the Tyrrhenian Sea. In the evening, the view from the vantage points over the water to Stromboli Island is particularly atmospheric. Below the city, the beach of Tropea is 2.3 kilometres long and up to 20 metres wide.
        • Capo Vaticano: Eleven kilometres south of Tropea, the small town watches over the Strait of Messina. In ancient times, seamen questioned the oracle about the weather and possible strokes of fate. The village in the foothills of Monte Poro is nowadays known for its many small beaches and bays.
        • Parghelia: The fishing village is located only a few minutes drive from Tropea in one of the most beautiful coastal regions of Calabria. Several cafés and restaurants invite you to relax by the deep blue sea. In the winter months the village is a good starting point for hikes through the hinterland.
        • Pizzo: The lively place fascinates with its cosy old town with a large market place, where the famous  ice cream Tartufo was invented.

        Things to do in Calabria

        Kalabrien Tropea

        Certainly, you can spend your holiday in Calabria exclusively on the paradisiacal beaches - but then you will miss the many other charming sides of the region. Calabria is the perfect destination for those who want to combine a perfect beach holiday with cultural experiences or outdoor activities.


        • Scilla: The picturesque fishing village with its whitewashed houses that stick like bird nests to the rock terraces above the fishing harbour is a beautiful destination for a day trip. It is also the centre of swordfish fishing. In the small restaurants of the village you have the opportunity to taste the speciality of the sea freshly caught.
        • The cave town of Zungri: In the open-air museum you will discover numerous caves, some of them well preserved, which served as dwellings for people from the 12th century onwards.
        • Stromboli: From Tropea boat trips to the island are offered. Accompanied by an experienced guide you can climb up to the crater rim of the active volcano. After dark the fiery spectacle is the most impressiv.
        • Capital of Culture Cosenza: For those interested in history, a detour to the baroque old town is a must. The Norman Castle is enthroned above the city's labyrinth of alleyways and offers a great overview of the area.
        • Locri: A little outside the city of Locri are the excavations of the ancient Locri Epizephyrii, a Greek colony founded around 680 BC. There are many foundation walls to discover as well as remains of temples and a theatre. Some finds are exhibited in the attached museum.
        • Cave Church of Piedigrotta: Legend has it that the chapel was built to protect a Madonna portrait by shipwrecked sailors who expressed their gratitude for their rescue.