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        Our 3 new resorts - now with video!

        The videos are here! Get your own impression of the resorts Calabria, Skanes and Bodrum.

        TUI MAGIC LIFE Calabria

        The Calabria club resort is located in southern Italy, surrounded by shady pine forests and long sandy beaches

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        Relax from everyday stress and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere at the resort. Meet new friends, relax by the pool or go for a ride on a bike.

        TUI MAGIC LIFE Skanes

        Skanes - the newest resort in Tunisia. Located on a long sandy beach the resort offers fantastic services.

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        Spend an unforgettable resort holiday at TUI MAGIC LIFE Skanes with family or friends.Take the rowing boat up to the sea and then test the water slides - there are countless possibilities to spend the day.

        TUI MAGIC LIFE Bodrum

        Bodrum - an emerging destination that attracts more and more vacationers.

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        At the resort couples and friends will find entertainment, party and show and also quiet moments when drinking a sundowner or chillaxing at the bar. The sports program is also varied and offers a good balance to the excellent culinary offer.