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        Nomade mit Kamel in der Wüste

        Resort Holidays in Egypt

        Resort holiday in Egypt - Discover the country on the Nile

        Hardly any other country has shaped humanity as much with its discoveries and inventions as Egypt! In Luxor or Cairo the cultural treasures are lined up one after the other. The pyramids in Cairo are as mysterious as they are impressive. The Valley of the Kings in Luxor has its own charm. The sheer size of the area and the attention to detail, which can still be seen today, are hardly comprehensible to the visitor. And there are countless other interesting excavations, exhibitions or simply relics from bygone times. Away from culture and history, the country offers an excellent base for underwater lovers, golfers and adventurers. Diving trips, camel trekking, desert tours or quad riding are just a few of the highlights. You should definitely see the Nile and the life that takes place around it. After that you understand the country and its people a lot better. After all, the longest river on earth is Egypt's main artery. Of course you can also simply switch off at the beaches and do nothing. Just sit back and let the sun, the beach and the sea spoil you.

        Sonnenuntergang mit den Pyramiden im Hintergrund
        Landestypischer Tee in Ägypten, serviert auf einem Tablett
        Junge reitet auf einem Kamel in Ägypten

        That's why you should take a holiday in Egypt

        • Unique underwater world
        • Culture and history wherever you look
        • Perfect destination for singles and couples
        • Outstanding service

        A destination full of contrasts

        Hurghada at the Red Sea

        The former fishing village has developed into a perfect holiday destination since the 80s. Situated directly on the Red Sea Hurghada offers fine sandy beaches, an underwater world that also fascinates globetrotters, an almost 100% sun guarantee and a good infrastructure. Excursions to Cairo, Luxor or the desert are possible.

        Sinai - the peninsula in the Red Sea

        The Sinai Peninsula has a lot to offer. Visit the illuminated Al Mustafa Mosque in the evening or make a detour to the national park. The mangrove forest and the desert simply radiate an intense peace. Snorkelers and divers, on the other hand, appreciate the variety under water. In the Red Sea you can spot hammerhead sharks (with a bit of luck), clownfish, colourful anemones or ship wrecks.

        Colourful fish under water - resort holidays at TUI MAGIC LIFE

        Why resort holidays are just right for you

        • All inclusive
        • Fantastic day and evening entertainment
        • Professional diving school
        • Varied sports offers (e.g. diving)
        • Relaxed atmosphere at the resort
        • Culinary highlights

        Climate Egypt

        Hurghada is a city on the edge of the desert that stretches along the coast of the Red Sea. This geography also influences the climate. Summers are very long and hot and winters are short and mild. From June to September the thermometer can climb up to 34°, but there are also hotter periods. The ideal travel time is therefore in April, May and October with 25°- 30° during the day. The water temperature never drops below a refreshing 22°.
        The Sinai Peninsula has a similar hot and dry climate. The best travel time for beach holidays is March to June and September to November.

        Diver at a reef -