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        resort holidays in Spain

        Discover Spain

        The perfect destination for a relaxing holiday

        Spain has been one of the most popular tourist destinations for years. And not without reason. You will find countless sandy beaches, which will delight every runner, winding alleys to stroll and a fabulous and varied cuisine with tapas, paella and red wine! The spirited and passionate character of the Spaniards is reflected everywhere in the country.  Discover the cultural diversity of the country as well as the many festivals and events. The good accessibility and the pleasant climate all year round speak additionally for a resort holiday in Spain. If you don't know Spain yet, you should definitely get to know it.

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        Good reasons for your resort holiday in Spain

        • Long sandy beaches with wonderful bays
        • Wide range of activities on site
        • The Spanish mentality
        • Good and fast accessibility

        Discover Fuerteventura & Ibiza

        Fuerteventura - an island in the Atlantic with many facets

        Fuerteventura is an island whose landscape is characterized by miles of sandy beaches, fine sand dunes, small villages and barren mountains. If you are looking for peace and quiet, you can retreat here and relax. The wide and long sandy beach, where thanks to the climate there is always a small wind blowing, is a must for any water sports activity. Beginners and professionals can test their limits here. Another possibility to discover the island is by mountain bike. Defy the wind and experience the rough landscape of Fuerteventura.

        Ibiza - an island everyone is talking about

        Right now the whole world is talking about Ibiza. And rightly so. Ibiza has many different facets that are inspiring more and more holidaymakers and making them fans of this island in the Mediterranean. There are small bays with sandy beaches and exclusive beach clubs as well as farmers' markets and idyllic Spanish villages. In recent years the island has made a name for itself with its exclusive party scene. But if you prefer a quieter atmosphere, you'll quickly find what you're looking for. Picturesque bays to relax in, colourful harbours and a relaxed atmosphere created by many emigrants, hippies and the history of Ibiza - Ibiza has a lot to offer.

        Climate Fuerteventura & Ibiza

        Meer mit Ausblick

        Fuerteventura is a destination with a very pleasant climate all year round. Statistically, temperatures never drop below 15 degrees during the day and there are 6-9 hours of sunshine daily.
        The main travel season is between April and November. In August and September it can get up to 30 degrees Celsius with water temperatures around 24 degrees, but a light wind makes the hot summer days bearable.
        Ibiza is the Balearic island with the warmest temperatures. June is the ideal time for travelling, with temperatures around 27 degrees it is not too hot here yet, the sea has warmed up a bit and the island is green and lively.

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        FAQs - Questions about resort holidays in Spain

        What do people eat in Spain?

        In Spain, tapas is a common dish, small plates from which everyone at the table can take something. Popular dishes include patatas bravas, paella, tortilla espanola, calamari and much more.

        What are the child-friendly destinations in Spain?

        Spain is generally a very child-friendly country. The Spanish islands of Mallorca, Ibiza or Tenerife but also the mainland, the "Costa Brava" and "Costa del Sol", are well suited for a holiday with children.

        Which sea is in Spain? 

        The north of Spain is located on the Atlantic Ocean and the southern part from Gibraltar is on the Mediterranean Sea.

        What are the must-see sights in Spain? 

        Spain offers many sights, such as the Sagrada de Familia and La Catedral in Barcelona. Beautiful coasts like the "Costa Brava" and the "Costa del Sol", great historical places, parks and museums.

        When is the time to eat in Spain?

        Outside of the hotel, the "desayuno" breakfast usually takes place at 9 am. At 11 am there is a second breakfast, "Almuerzo", and lunch, "Comida", is served at 2.30 pm. This is followed by the "Merienda", afternoon snack at 6 pm and finally the "Cena"(dinner) at 10 pm.