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        Resort holidays in Tunisia

        • Resorts in Tunisia
        • The country
        • Offers
        • Reasons why
        • Climate & Travel information
        • FAQ
        • Alternative destinations

        Tunisia - a country between modernism and tradition

        Experience Tunisia's tradition and modernity, the familiar and the new and a warm hospitality that is second to none. Go on a desert safari and feel close to the starry sky at night. Perhaps you will meet nomads and camels. Thanks to the 3000 years of history of Tunisia the country is an exciting destination for those interested in history and culture. At the same time you will find beautiful white sandy beaches in Tunisia, where you can relax or go water skiing. The range of water sports on offer will delight every water sports enthusiast.  In the evening you can wander in the atmosphere of the Arabian Nights over the bazaars or stroll e.g. by the old town of Tunis. Let yourself drift through the alleys past stands of herbal vendors and shisha bars.


        A unique holiday destination

        The mainland of Tunisia 

        Tunisia has so much to offer: Wonderful beaches where you will feel like you are in the Caribbean. And not to forget a long history, from whose time mosques, temples and places of sacrifice have remained. You can discover something new every day - an enchanting coral coast, mediterranean fishing villages and old towns in whose alleys young people hear modern hiphop and smoke shisha. Golf has also conquered the island. There are some golf courses that challenge every golfer - very well-kept courses and moderate green fees guaranteed.

        Djerba - between Orient und Occident
        When thinking of Djerba, white sandy beaches with a crystal blue sea, a light breeze and lots of sunshine comes to mind. Do you love water sports? There are no limits to your passion on Djerba: water skiing, kite surfing etc., you can try everything. Due to its location in the Mediterranean Sea, it is never too hot and never really cold. Perfect for enjoying the sun and recharging your batteries in winter. The island is the perfect destination to get to know the modern side of the Arab world. Djerba is considered cosmopolitan, tolerant and modern. Visit the underground mosque, drive to the lighthouse and then to the crocodile farm - the whole family will be thrilled.

        Catamaran Djerba - Africana

        Why resort holidays are just right for you

        • All inclusive
        • Great day and evening entertainment
        • Children's entertainment
        • A wide range of sports on offer (e.g. fitness, water sports, golf)
        • Relaxed resort life
        • Culinary highlights

        Good reasons for your holiday in Tunisia

        • Endless long sandy beaches
        • Ideal conditions for water sports enthusiasts
        • Desert adventure
        • Flair of the Arabian Nights

        Already impressed? Find out more about our clubs in Hammamet  and on Djerba here.

        Climate & Travel information


        Mainland Tunisia & Djerba Climate

        Tunisia can be very hot in the summer months. However, the heat in the seaside resorts is always tempered by a small breeze. Only when the sirocco blows from the Sahara, it can get uncomfortably hot and sandy. You can swim in the Mediterranean until October, as the water temperatures are still pleasantly warm. 

        On Djerba, the hot desert climate is somewhat mitigated by the location in the Mediterranean Sea. Therefore, the climate is rather Mediterranean with hot summers and mildly humid winters. Very little rainfall is to be expected from June to September, and temperatures reach up to 33°C in August.


        Travel information Tunisian Mainland & Djerba

        There are numerous direct flights from the UK and European cities to mainland Tunisia. The flight time from Cardiff to Hammamet, for example, is around 3 hours. From Great Britain to Djerba, you usually only get there with a stopover, e.g. in Paris.

        Travellers with a British passport do not need a visa to enter Tunisia if their stay does not exceed 90 days. A valid passport is sufficient for entry. 

        For all travellers, check the information on entry requirements on your Foreign Office website before entering the country.

        FAQs about holidays in Tunisia

        What do I need to enter Tunisia?

        For travellers with British citizenship, a valid passport is sufficient if the length of stay does not exceed 90 days. For all travellers, check the latest information from your local Foreign Office on entry requirements.

        What do I have to bear in mind as a woman travelling in Tunisia?

        In tourist areas and big cities, people tend to follow European fashion. In rural areas of Tunisia, please be considerate in your choice of clothing: Avoid off-the-shoulder clothing, short skirts, too much jewellery and make-up.

        What is the local currency?

        The Tunisian dinar is the official currency in Tunisia.

        What should I take with me on holiday in Tunisia?

        We recommend light-coloured, long clothing and sufficient sun protection.

        What vaccinations are required for Tunisia?

        No vaccinations are required for entry, but make sure you keep all standard vaccinations up to date