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        Spaß am Pool mit Freunden

        Offers for summer 2020

        Up to 20% early bird discount and even more action

        Freunde haben Spaß am Strand

        Save an extra 15% with our deals

        • Get a 15% discount with our deals
        • Bookable for selected travel dates
        • Can be combined with up to 20% early bird discount - this way you can save up to 35% on bookings made by 31 January 2020
        • Valid for stays up to 21 nights


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        Familie strahlt in die Kamera

        Concept innovations

        In order to make your holiday perfect, TUI MAGIC LIFE continuously develops and optimizes the concept for you. For example, a new TUI MAGIC LIFE Kids concept with various activities will be offered in the family-friendly resorts in summer 2020. The little ones will be accompanied by a brand new mascot. 

        In addition, many resorts offer a baby set on request and for a fee. Included are: Crawling blanket, playpen, bathtub, potty/toilet top and bottle warmer. 

        New parties and shows

        To make your holiday even more entertaining, TUI MAGIC LIFE is offering exciting new parties and shows starting in summer 2020:

        • Show African Fusion: Colourful, dynamic show with African rhythms
        • Show Wonder Express: an exciting journey for the whole family through different worlds (underwater, carnival in Rio, etc.)
        • Social Party: Social media as an important part of the party - just take a picture and post it using a certain hashtag. At the same time a big screen shows what's happening at the party and what's being posted under the hashtag.
        Gäste und Sport-Animateur beim Fitness-Kurs

        New sports programme

        Following the motto of the Silent Party, the first Silent Fitness Night will take place in summer 2020. Evening fitness classes will be held with headphones and each guest will choose their favourite music from various channels.

        Our resorts with lots of highlights for families

        The most popular resorts for couples and single travellers