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        [Translate to English (en_EN):] Mädchen beim Schnorcheln in glasklarem Wasser


        Snorkeling holiday – discovering the underwater world

        True beauty often lies hidden - for example under the water surface.

        While snorkelling in a TUI MAGIC LIFE holiday, you can literally immerse yourself in fascinating scenery and exotic animals. Equipped with diving goggles, snorkels and fins, you will discover the beauty of the sea, bizarre rock formations and perhaps even shipwrecks just below the surface. The southern holiday destinations offer all kinds of underwater attractions close to the coast: colourful fish, turtles and aquatic plants provide an insight into enchanted landscapes, curious dolphins sometimes join the snorkelers. Equipped with an underwater camera, amateur photographers will find spectacular motifs in the glittering and colourful sea creatures.

        One of the most popular snorkeling areas in the world is the coast off Egypt, as snorkelers can explore a colourful and spectacular underwater world just a few metres from the coast. By the way: As first snorkels hollowed out reeds were used some 5000 years ago. With this improvised breathing apparatus one could already move undiscovered under the water surface.

        Unterwassertiere im Meer

        How to breathe under water

        Snorkeling is a special form of diving: Without breathing apparatus, equipped with a diving mask with snorkel, dives are carried out at shallow depths. The snorkel itself is a breathing tube of about 35 cm length, 2 cm diameter and is equipped with a mouthpiece made of silicone or rubber.

        The length of the snorkel is important: too long a snorkel would prevent pendulum breathing - the complete exhalation of the breathing air before breathing again. Some snorkel models are equipped with valves that prevent water from entering when diving down.

        The snorkel allows the diver to breathe while his head is below the water surface. That's it with the pack list for your snorkeling holiday: except the diving mask with snorkel and, optionally, snorkel fins, you don't need anything else to pursue your urge to explore.

        Snorkeling holidays for beginners & advanced

        • TUI MAGIC LIFE Kalawy: Hurghada is a popular diving paradise. The resort has a wide sand-gravel natural beach with jetty, a bathing lagoon and its own coral reef as well as the resort's own diving school MAGIC DIVERS, where even beginners can learn their first dives and snorkeling techniques.
        • TUI MAGIC LIFE Cala Pada: Off the coast of Ibiza, reefs and rocky landscapes tempt you to explore. At the Diving Center Ibiza, TUI MAGIC LIFE's local partner, adults and children from the age of eight can make their first dives. The resort is located on a picturesque bay and is surrounded by a garden.
        • TUI MAGIC LIFE Plimmiri: Off the southeastern coast of Rhodes lies the diving area Plimmiri with its colorful fish and coral reefs. Dolphins and turtles are regular visitors. The resort is an oasis in a quiet location on a wide natural beach. For children there is an entertainment program while adults enjoy wellness or sports.