TUI Deutschland suspends the entire travel programme until 14 June inclusive. All information about the Coronavirus and current rebooking and cancellation options can be found here.


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        + 49 511 567 8670 Please note: Due to the current situation, the Service Center is temporarily unavailable by telephone. We are focusing on the handling of trips that cannot take place as planned due to changed entry regulations. Should there be any changes to your booking, our service staff will contact you as quickly and proactively as possible. We therefore ask you to contact our Service Center by e-mail only in an emergency.
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        TUI Travel Credit

        Information about the travel credit

        The entire team of TUI MAGIC LIFE and TUI hopes that you and your families and friends are well. Only a few weeks ago, nobody would have imagined such extensive restrictions on our living together. Unfortunately, we cannot travel at the moment. This is difficult for all of us and you too have had to change your plans. We have cancelled our travel program until 14 June 2020 in the interest of your health and due to the travel warning of the German Foreign Office. In an unprecedented action we have brought our guests back home.

        Now we use the time to prepare for the moment when our TUI planes take off again and our hotels are ready to welcome you again. Our plans have now also received the support of the German government - travel is part of our daily life and will of course continue.

        TUI is currently already in talks with the governments of many holiday destinations to start preparations for your holiday "after Corona" as well as possible. We have taken an important step by publishing the travel programme until summer 2021. We can assure you that our partners in the destinations are very much looking forward to your return and will prepare everything for you. For this purpose we have created your personal TUI travel credit for you in the amount of your payments already made. On this page you will find answers to the most important questions about your TUI travel credit.

        • What is the TUI travel credit?

          We introduced the TUI travel credit temporarily and exclusively for tours cancelled due to the Corona crisis. Your personal TUI travel credit will be applied like a means of payment to your next booked TUI trip. The TUI Travel Credit consists of the payment(s) already made to TUI for your cancelled trip(s) with arrival in the period from 14 March to 14 June 2020 inclusive.

        • Where can I find my customer and transaction number?

          You will find your customer number in your letter for the TUI Travel Credit, which you received by e-mail or by post. You will find your transaction number of the cancelled trip on your TUI confirmation/invoice in the top right-hand corner under "transaction".

        • Why should I opt for the TUI travel credit?

          By opting for TUI Travel Credit, you are not only helping us, but also our partners - whether your personal contacts at the travel agency, the tour guides in the holiday destinations, the hoteliers or restaurateurs and their families on the world's most beautiful beaches.

          It is also worth it for you! As a thank you, you will receive your personal extra credit of up to 150 euros per booking.

        • Is my TUI Travel Credit guaranteed?

          This is what the German Federal Government has in mind. In the decision of the Corona Cabinet of the German Federal Government of 02 April 2020, one of the conditions for the voucher redemption is that the credit balance must be covered against insolvency, if necessary also with state reinsurance, see also: Information of the Federal Government on voucher redemption (information in German). This request has been addressed accordingly to the EU Commission for resolution or release. We expect the EU Commission to respond shortly.

          It is also worth it for you! As a thank you, you will receive your personal extra credit of up to 150 euros per booking.

        • How do I get a TUI Travel Credit?

          The regulation applies to customers who have made their payment directly to the tour operator TUI and have a cancelled trip with arrival in the period 14 March to 14 June 2020 inclusive. If you have paid the trip directly to your travel agent, please contact your local representative.

        • How will I be informed about my TUI Travel Credit?

          You will be informed of your personal TUI travel credit by e-mail or by post. Customers with arrivals between 14 March and 30 April 2020 inclusive were informed by e-mail on 14 April 2020. Customers with arrivals in the period 1 May to 15 May 2020 inclusive were informed by e-mail on 30 April 2020. Customers with arrivals in the period 16 May to 14 June 2020 inclusive are expected to be informed by e-mail on 13 May 2020.

        • Do I need to take action to activate the travel credit?

          No, your personal TUI travel credit is automatically available for bookings.

        • Until when can I redeem my personal TUI Travel Credit?

          Your personal TUI travel credit is available for bookings until 31 December 2021 for your next TUI trip(s). The start of the trip can be after this date (e.g. in January or March 2022).

        • For which trips can I redeem my credit?

          You can redeem your credit for the programme of tour operator TUI Deutschland GmbH with the TUI MAGIC LIFE, TUI and airtours brands. The credit cannot be redeemed for TUI Cruises, TUI holiday homes, ltur and flights only.

        • How do I redeem the credit?

          To redeem your travel credit, the customer number noted on your letter is required. Please have this number ready for redemption at the next booking.

        • What can I do if the personal TUI Travel Credit in the TUI letter does not correspond to the payment I have made?

          Unfortunately, in a few cases there are deviations. The status of your TUI travel credit was determined a few days before your letter was sent, therefore deviations from the payments actually made are possible. You can view your current TUI travel credit balance online at (website only in German) at any time.

        • Can I use my TUI Travel Credit for several bookings?

          If your first booking does not use up 100% of your credit, you can of course use it for further trips. Important: The trips must be booked on the customer number from the letter you received.

        • Can I have my TUI Travel Credit from various trips cancelled due to corona be bundled together for a new booking?

          Yes, all individual TUI travel credits are assigned to your customer number and are charged accordingly for bookings made under this customer number. Several TUI travel credits can thus be credited for a single new booking.

        • Where can I book my new trip?

          To make a new holiday booking with your TUI travel credit, contact the travel agency where you booked the original or cancelled trip. If you booked your trip on, please also contact to make a new holiday booking.

        • Can I transfer my travel credit to another person?

          The credit is assigned to the personal customer number of the payer and is not transferable. Of course, the travel participants can vary with a new booking.

        • I have already booked other trips with TUI Deutschland. Can I also use my TUI Travel Credit for this?

          Yes, your TUI Travel Credit will also be offset against outstanding payments for existing bookings.

        • What do I have to consider in case of a corona-related travel cancellation with arrival 16 May to 14 June?

          You will probably be informed of your TUI travel credit by e-mail or post by 13 May 2020. Until then, you will not be able to view the credit balance or arrange for a refund on (website only in German).

        • Can I also arrange a withdrawal of my payment?

          If you have not redeemed your credit balance by 31 December 2021, or if you decide in principle not to do so, you will receive a full refund of any payments you have made to date.

          If you have made a booking on our website, you can arrange for your payment to be paid out at (website only in german).

          If you booked at a travel agency, please contact the travel agency where you booked the original or cancelled trip to arrange payment.

        • Can I rely on TUI as a customer?

          Yes, strategically and operationally we are a solid and healthy company. We were economically successful before the crisis and will be again after the crisis. Our business model is intact and we have over 21 million loyal customers. We have a team that is unmatched in our industry. We have great products. We have a proven business model. And we have very good distribution partners. The commitment of the KfW bridging loan of EUR 1.8 billion is another important step for us to successfully bridge the current exceptional situation. We have been crisis-tested and this is now benefiting us. You as our customers can continue to count on us.