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        If you have specific questions about bookings, changes or cancellations, please contact our Service Center by telephone (only German speaking staff). Due to the current situation there may be slightly increased waiting times.
        Call +49 (0) 511 / 567 8670
        Opening Times:
        Monday - Sunday 08:00 am - 8:00 pm
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        Travel carefree

        Best protection with TUI Protect and flexible rebooking/cancellation thanks to the Flex rate. Also: current entry requirements, test options, safety & hygiene standards on site and further information for a carefree holiday.

        You can get entry requirements for your destination if you're travelling from England HERE.

        Return to Germany, test opportunities and much more.

        • Current information on entering and leaving Germany

          Testing obligations (including for children) and entry and carriage requirements (e.g. online forms, QR codes, proof of vaccination or recovery) apply both before you start your journey and when you return to your home country. Without these tests and documents, we cannot guarantee carriage by the airline or entry. 

          Regulations for people entering Germany in connection with coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 have been summarised by the Federal Ministry of Health in its leaflet and information on digital entry registration.

          Please note the following regulations on and after entry into Germany and the mask requirement in German airports. In addition, please inform yourself about the regulations that apply to the return journey/entry in your federal state and the return airport. These may differ from the decisions at federal level.


        • PCR test & antigen test for travellers and traveller returnees

          There is the possibility of testing in all clubs. Please contact the reception desk on site. 
          You will find further information per club in the respective club FAQ on the club details pages.

          Easier testing with the TUI cooperation partner Klarity: If you already have a test kit (purchased yourself, also independent of the provider Klarity) you can order an online appointment via Klarity and carry out the test required for the return trip directly on site. Price: from 11,50€

          DasLab PCR test:

          • Locations all over Germany
          • Application: Test centre in Germany
          • Test result: approx. 24-36 hours
          • Price: from € 65 (varies per test station)

          DasLab antigen test:

          • Locations all over Germany
          • Application: Test centre in Germany
          • Test result: approx. 20-30 minutes
          • Price: from € 35 (varies per test station)

          Klarity PCR test:

          • Recommendation for ordering the tests: as soon as possible, but at the latest 5 - 7 days before departure.
          • Application: digital from home with personal remote consultation
          • Test result: 36 - 48 hours after delivery to a DHL store
          • Price: from € 94 (including shipping costs when ordering 2 test kits

          Klarity Antigen Test:

          • Recommendation for ordering the tests: as soon as possible, but no later than 5 - 7 days before departure
          • Application: digitally from home with personal remote consultation
          • Test result: approx. 15 - 30 minutes
          • Price: from € 44 (including shipping costs when ordering 2 test kits)

        TUI Protect: included for all trips until 31 October 2023

        In addition, our TUI Service is available for you, as usual (German-speaking, telephone or digital 24/7 support, tour guides in selected hotels) and, if required, arranges contact with German-speaking doctors (if available in the destination). 




        TUI Protect Conditions

        • TUI PROTECT conditions*

          Notwithstanding TUI PROTECT, we still recommend that you take out travel cancellation and travel health insurance.

          * The TUI PROTECT Service Promise applies to all arrivals from 1 November 2021 to 31 October 2023 for all package tours of TUI Deutschland GmbH incl. the XTUI brand.

          **  Valid in case of an infection with the coronavirus (COVID-19) confirmed by a service provider according to § 6 para. 1 of the Coronavirus Test Ordinance by means of an antigen rapid test or PCR test 7 days or less before departure.  Cancellation must be made before departure within 10 hours of a positive test result. Maximum amount of cancellation fee waiver max. 1.500€ per person.  




        • No charge for cancellation costs of up to 1,500 EUR per person in the event of an officially recognised rapid antigen test or PCR test proving infection with the SARS-COV-2 virus from 7 days prior to arrival, provided that such costs are not covered by third parties (e.g. insurance).**.


        • Absorption of additional accommodation costs in the case of an officially ordered individual quarantine*** in the case of infection or suspected infection with the SARS-COV-2 virus for up to 14 days by TUI, insofar as these are not covered by other agencies (e.g. government, insurance, etc.).
        • Cover of return flight costs in the case of a quarantine-related delay in the return journey of the person concerned.
        • Organisation of the return journey of persons who have travelled with you but are not affected by the quarantine on the same flight and covering possible rebooking costs.
        • Cover of total costs up to a maximum of € 5,000 per booking transaction (costs for independently organised accommodation and/or return transport not agreed with TUI will not be covered).


        • Flex rate from € 49

          Add Flex rate - cancel free of charge

          What is Flex rate?
          Flex rate is an upgrade that you can secure for package holiday offers. It gives you the option of rebooking or cancelling your booked trip free of charge up to 15 or 29  days before arrival. Plan your next holiday in a relaxed way, TUI gives you the flexibility.

          How can I get Flex rate?
          Flex rate can be booked when booking a package holiday. If you select a trip from the TUI D tour operator brands, the rate will be displayed in the booking process. The Flex rate is not available for X-TUI offers.

          Does the Flex rate also apply to scheduled flights and long-distance travel?
          Yes, the Flex fare covers trips with scheduled and charter flights of the tour operator brands TUI and airtours, whether near or far. For scheduled flights, the cancellation period is 29 days before departure.

          How much does the upgrade to Flex rate cost?
          The costs for the upgrade depend on the booked travel price and start from € 49. For the calculation of the total travel price, the travel price of all participants excluding additionally booked services, such as seat reservations on the aircraft or excursions, is taken into account.

          Will I keep Flex rate if I rebook my trip?
          Yes, Flex rate will be transferred in case of a rebooking and will remain valid.

          Can I change to Flex rate after I have booked?
          No, Flex rate can only be selected directly at the time of booking. Unfortunately, it is not possible to change to Flex rate at a later date.

          Is it possible to cancel Flex rate at a later date?
          No. If you have chosen Flex rate directly when booking, it is not possible to change to the standard fare at a later date.

          What cancellation conditions apply if I have to cancel my package holiday less than 15 days before arrival?
          With Flex rate you can change or cancel your package holiday - free of charge up to 15 or 29 days before arrival! After that, the fees in TUI's General Terms and Conditions and Travel Conditions apply. If you would like to protect yourself against cancellation fees for the period less than 15 days before arrival, we recommend you also take out travel cancellation insurance (please note the insurance conditions).

          Can I really cancel my booking with Flex rate without any reason?

          Yes, you can cancel your hotel booking up to and including 15 days before arrival without giving any reason.
          With the Flex rate Upgrade, you can change or cancel your package holiday free of charge up to and including 15 or 29 days, depending on your choice of flight.

          How do I get back the payments I have already made after cancellation?
          If you have booked Flex rate and cancel your package free of charge within the specified period, the deposit and, in the case of cancellations at short notice, the balance of the payment will be refunded to you via the specified payment method. Please note: If your trip is cancelled due to corona, the payments you have already made will automatically flow into the travel credit, which can also be refunded (exclusive Flex rate fee).

        +++If there are any changes to your trip, TUI will contact you proactively.+++

        If you have any questions, please contact our Service Center by phone:

        Phone: +49 (0) 511 / 567 8688

        Opening hours: Monday - Friday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

        Current information about the coronavirus can be found here:

        Information on the reopening of our resort

        All information on TUI's safety and hygiene standards as well as answers to the most important questions about the offers and services in the resorts can be found here.