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        0848 / 121221 Mo-Sa: 09-20 Uhr; So: 11-20 Uhr

        Your chance - Apply now!

        Application process

        To be a part of our TUI MAGIC LIFE Entertainment Team you are going to follow different application stages:

        1. application sheet – please fill in all requested facts in the sheet below

        2. interview - if we put you on the 2nd application stage we will arrange a digital interview with you

        3. contract – if both parties agree the collaboration you will receive a contract to sign

        We kindly ask you to provide us your CV, videos/ clips whenever requested. Our target is to bring yourself through the whole application process within max. 4 weeks to give you the real chance to know if you will have a new summer address with TUI MAGIC LIFE.

        +++ During the application process we provide you all information needed and we kindly ask you to go through carefully to ask all questions coming up. +++

        Bewerbungsformular als Entertainer im Club

        Nur wenige Schritte noch.../Just a few more steps