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        TUI MAGIC LIFE Training Camp

        What is the Training Camp about?

        Training Camp takes part every year. You’ll be trained by our Supervisors, specialists and Entertainment Managers to be ready for your journey in the Club. It takes part in one of our TUI MAGIC LIFE Clubs.
        The duration of the Training Camp depends on the job position (e.g. Dance & Performance 4, Kids & Teens 2 weeks before Club opening).


        • taking part is an obligation. Only late starters are not joining (see FAQs)
        • the duration of your Training Camp time varies, depending on your position
        • training period is realistically based on the later working hours in the club
        • during the Training Camp we provide accommodation (double rooms), meals and health insurance (in case of illness or an accident)
        • we’re booking your flight directly from Training Camp to your destination (you’re not going home in between)
        • your contract is only valid if you successfully pass the Training Camp



        Any questions left?

        Please proceed here for our FAQs  

        If you have some more questions, don't hesitate to contact us (we are available from Monday - Friday 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. (CET)) via:

        Instagram: tuimagiclife_jobs
        Facebook: TUI MAGIC LIFE Jobs

        If you don't want to miss any new job offers - follow us on Social Media!


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