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        Your application

        • 1. What happens next after I send my application?

          We will screen your application. Afterwards we're coming back with feedback via e-mail. Get sure you already prepared your CV and additonal information we might need!

        • 2. How can I prepare my interview?

          We recommend you to read some information about TUI MAGIC LIFE and our FAQs.

        • 3. What happens after the interview?

          If we are offering a contract, we ask you to confirm before sending other necessary documents. As far you have signed your contract we are looking forward to welcome you in our team for the upcoming season. 

        • 4. I can speak only one foreign language, is that enough?

          Depends on the position you are applying for. We are expecting good English skills. All other languages are a welcome and an advantage - specially in Kids Club, Teens Club and Sport & Game department.

        • 5. I´m rejected could I apply again?

          Yes, you can apply again next year.

        • 6. How long do I need to be available?

          Our vision is to make guests holiday MAGIC and unique that’s why it is important to have a full team team for the whole season and to avoid lack in quality. Basically all our jobs are full seasonal from April till November. 

          The only exception is Kids Club and Teens Club. Here we have 3 different options:
          1) full season
          2) April - mid/ end July
          3) mid/ end July - November

        Your placement & your training:

        • 1. I have been on holidays in Fuerteventura, I want to work there, is it possible?

          All our entertainer are signing a contract which says that they are flexible worldwide. Our guests are always our focus and we want to deliver the same high quality in all our clubs. We note wishes down but we can´t guarantee. 

        • 2. My friend and me want to work in the same club!

          We can´t guarantee that! We need employees who are self-dependend, flexible and willing to do their job everywhere in every surrounding the best way. 

        • 3. When do I know where I will be placed?

          We are going to build our teams latest within the Training Camp. Though we can create a good team atmosphere from beginning on and you have the chance to meet your new family directly. 

        • 4. What is „Training Camp“?

          All our entertainers will be trained and coached. For that we are organizing a Training Camp to feel the real life atmosphere of your new job. You will meet new and experienced colleagues, your manager and professional trainer to support you for the start of your new journey. To get more information please click here.

        • 5. What happens if I can't join Training Camp (late starter)?

          No worries, if you can't join the Training Camp because you're a late starter, you'll receive a training on the spot!

        • 6. How can I prepare myself?

          During your application process we provide you a lot of information about your job and your daily business. We will provide you a Job Guide and our Entertainment Manual - please make sure you´ve read everything carefully.

        • 7. Do I have to book my flights on my own?

          No, we are going to do that for you. Please make sure that you´ve noted the airports you would like to go from in your short profile we provide you with an offer. Basically we are booking all flights from your home airport in and out of destination.

        • 8. Do I need a passport or just ID card?

          You must be in possession of a (minimum) 12 month valid passport.

        • 9. Where do I dine?

          Whilst doing Guest Relation you are allowed to dine in the Restaurant together with the guests.

        Your contract:

        • 1. From where do I get my contract?

          With regards to different country labour laws you'll get your contract from one of the TUI MAGIC LIFE HR Business Partner within the TUI Group via mail.

        • 2. Whats my salary?

          This depends on the position your are going to work for. We will tell you your salary when we offer you a contract.

        • 3. Which accomodation will it be?

          It will be a double room together with a colleague.

        • 4. Do I need a special insurance for sickness?

          No, we will provide everything with the contract. 

        • 5. How much time do I get to sign the contract?

          You will have 2 weeks to sign and send all requested documents. We are sending one friendly reminder to not forget. If nothing is going to happen, we will offer your position to another applicant.

          In case of waiting for documents please let our HR department know to organize everything with you.

        • 6. Do I need a police clearance / crime record?

          Yes, all employees working with Kids and Teens have to deliver an extended crime record not older than 3 months when signing the contract – as it is a mandatory requirement for fulfilling the position.

          All other employees will be asked for a simple crime record  (also not older than 3 months).

        • 7. Do I need 1st aid certificate?

          All employees in the departments of Watersport & Mountain/ Roadbike have to deliver a 1st aid certificate not older than 6 month before signing the contract - as it is a mandatory requirement for fulfilling the profile.

          All other employees will get highly recommended to refresh their skills to ensure they are able to handle a danger situation if it comes up.

        • 8. Do I have a probiation time within my contract?

          There are 2 options:

          1) Joining the Training Camp is your probiation.
          2) If you're starting season later and not joining the Training Camp your contract will include 4 weeks probiation time.


        My questions are not answered yet, whom may I contact?

        You can contact us (we are available from Monday - Friday 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. (CET)) via:

        Instagram: tuimagiclife_jobs
        Facebook: TUI MAGIC LIFE Jobs

        But don't worry - If you're questions aren't answered yet, we'll answer them within the application process!

        If you also don't want to miss any new job offers - follow us on Social Media!

        Man sitting at a table with a telephone