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        0511 567 8670 täglich 8-22 Uhr

        Fitness Center Entertainer

        APPLY NOW

        TUI MAGIC LIFE Fitness Center Entertainer

        You are:

        • licensed as Fitness Trainer and able to give consulting's in Personal Training and gym equipment in use (you are NOT in charge for group fitness sessions)
        • experienced with Boxing Fitness or motivated to get trained independently
        • willed to give guidance in the gym/ fitness center for beginners and advanced guests
        • excited to deliver a high quality to our customers in holiday resorts
        • willed to work in an international Entertainment Team
        • passionate in entertaining our guests in the evening with various tasks
        • having high physically conditions as you are working in the sun all day
        • flexible to work worldwide
        • available for: full season from April - November 


        We are:

        • famous for delivering unforgettable MAGIC holiday moments to our customers
        • living & working in an international environment with colleagues from all around the world
        • providing seasonal summer contracts with full social insurance, flights, accommodation and meals

        Short information Fitness Center Entertainer

        Entertainment is our job- The entertainers must be friendly and open to talk with the guest. During the breakfast, lunch and dinner the entertainers are with the guests.

        Fitness Center experts are well chosen from all over the world delivering boxing trainings & classes to our guests as beginners and advanced.

        Fitness Center Entertainer are responsible for material in use and delivering professional information to guests.


        Any questions left?

        Please proceed here for our FAQs  

        Furthermore we are available by phone and WhatsApp from Monday - Friday  10 a.m. till 4 p.m.
        0043 676 400 52 67


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