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        DJ mixing desk with headphones

        Sound & Light Entertainer

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        TUI MAGIC LIFE Sound & Light Entertainer

        You are:

        • experienced in performing as a DJ for an international audience
        • able to adapt your style to a mixed audience following our concept and guests
        • with min. basic knowledge in light systems and performing as a Sound & Light for showcasts & productions
        • passionate about setting a scene for different style of parties & daytime activities
        • motivated to organize and run the daytime business due to TUI MAGIC LIFE standard
        • having high physically conditions as you are working in the sun all day
        • flexible to work worldwide
        • available for: full season from April - November 


        We are:

        • famous for delivering unforgettable MAGIC holiday moments to our customers
        • living & working in an international environment with colleagues from all around the world
        • providing seasonal summer contracts with full social insurance, flights, accommodation and meals

        Short information Sound & Light Entertainer:

        Entertainment is our job - The entertainers must be friendly and open to talk to the guests. During the breakfast, lunch and dinner the entertainers are with the guests. DJs/ Sound & Light Entertainers are chosen from all over the world and perform on 6 days a week. The Sound & Light Entertainer is responsible for setting the scenes in daytime and evening, preparing the shows with regards to Sound & Light System and taking care of material & equipment in use. Every day after the show, there is a party or live music where you will perform for our guests.

        DJs/ Sound & Light Entertainers are responsible for creating a great atmosphere during this time.  Ideally, they do not only speak English but also German and other languages fluently. Communication with the guest - In the evening program, such as parties or live music, Sound & Light Entertainers are very present and communicating with the guests. The day finishes at 02:00 a.m.


        Any questions left?

        Please proceed here for our FAQs  

        Furthermore we are available by phone and WhatsApp from Monday - Friday  10 a.m. till 4 p.m.
        0043 676 400 52 67


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        DJ mixing desk with headphones

        Sound & Light Entertainer

        APPLY NOW