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        General information

        General information

        • About the resorts

          The standards of resort facilities depend on the destination country's conditions and is different between countries. This particularly applies to those services offered: central-European standards cannot always be expected.

          Night hours:
          Due to the contractually assured entertainment programmes at our resorts, sleep may be disturbed by noise during evening hours and at night. Please also understand that we have no control over noise disturbances from the resort neighbourhood.

          Due to the climate, there is an increased chance of insects and vermin in southern countries. For this reason, and after prior notice, we regularly use vermin repellents, such as insecticide sprays, in our resorts (including the rooms).

          The beaches at our holiday destinations are generally public and open to everyone. Cleaning falls to the responsible municipality. Wind and tides can cause siltation and a change in the composition of the beach. Some countries have legal regulations that prohibit the removal of washed up seaweed from beaches. Pursuant to Turkish law, jetties have to be dismantled during winter months, which means they are temporarily unavailable. The dismantling and reinstallation of these can also cause disturbances during off-peak seasons.

          For reasons of hygiene, chlorine must be added to pool water, and some people may react with skin irritations. Please note that splash water can make the ground in the pool area slippery. 

          Parasols and loungers:
          Reserving parasols and loungers during early morning hours or across several places around the resort at the same time is not permitted as all guests should have the opportunity to use them. Some loungers don't need covers.Gardens
          We place great value on natural landscaping in the gardens of our resorts, which can result in uneven paths. To ensure a cosy atmosphere in the evenings, gardens are not brightly lit. Due to water shortages in southern countries, it is common to use clarified wastewater for watering the plants. However, this can cause unpleasant odours.Towels:
          Every TUI MAGIC LIFE resort has towels for the pool area and the beach.

          Internet terminals:
          Some resorts have freely accessible internet terminals. Unfortunately, there may be frequent connection interruptions as the quality of the internet connection does not always meet the usual standard. The terminals can only be used when available.

          Mountain bike centre:
          Mountain bikes and the required equipment (helmet) are only for guided tours with our mountain bike instructors and may not be used for self-organised tours.Doctor:
          Depending on the resort, a doctor is either available on site during specific hours or can be reached by phone if needed. Please note that the doctors are self-employed. For this reason, TUI MAGIC LIFE has no say in the treatment expenses (which usually have to be paid on site). Medical services by the resort doctor are not included in the holiday (all inclusive or otherwise) you booked with TUI MAGIC LIFE.

          Shops/car rentals/spas/external service providers:
          The shops, spa centres and car rentals located in the resort are run by independent service providers and are not part of TUI MAGIC LIFE. For this reason, TUI MAGIC LIFE has no influence on their services or pricing. Any services offered by those providers are not part of the TUI MAGIC LIFE services. When booking such services, the contractual relationship is between you and the relevant external provider.

          Maintenance and repairs:
          Various resort facilities may be damaged from continuous use, and maintenance work or repairs might be necessary during the day, particularly in the case of facilities that are open all year. Unfortunately, such work can cause noise disturbances and affect the availability of the individual facilities.

          Guest Services Manager:
          Every resort has a TUI MAGIC LIFE Guest Services Manager, who is the contact person for requests and suggestions and also helps in cases where something is not to your satisfaction. If you have a request or suggestion, please contact the Guest Services Manager immediately so we can put things right. To find out how you can reach the Guest Services Manager, please consult the information channel or the information brochure in your room or contact the reception desk.

          Main restaurant (Magico):
          Meals are offered as buffets. The food depends on seasonal availability and is often prepared using recipes typical for the country. You may not enter the restaurant in swimwear. In the evenings, men must wear long trousers. Please be advised that, in case of bad weather and depending on the number of sunlight hours, the opening hours of the restaurants and bars may change at short notice or may vary between resorts. In cases whereby outdoor seating becomes unavailable at a restaurant, indoor space might be limited.

          Specialty restaurants:
          The specialty restaurants are open six evenings a week (except in cases of organisational changes). Reservation is required for these restaurants, and you can get more information on exact reservation times at the resort. Please note that these restaurants are subject to availability, which means they are not available when fully booked. At the same time, a minimum number of guests also applies. If the demand is high, there might be a waiting list for reservations. Some specialty restaurants only have outdoor seating and have to remain closed for bad weather. In addition to the drinks included with our offers, bottled wine is available for an additional charge at the specialty restaurants.Drinks:
          Drinks are available at the various bars on the resort grounds. Please be advised that imported alcoholic beverages offered at the resorts (additional charge) are not always of brands known in your country of origin. Each country has different licensing laws regulating the serving of alcohol to youths, and our employees have to observe such laws. For this reason, our younger guests might have to present a passport or another legally valid ID to determine whether they can be served alcoholic beverages.

          Unfortunately, errors with reservations can occasionally occur and result in overbooking. We sincerely regret such situations and promise you that we do everything in our power to offer you the best possible alternative.

        • About the rooms

          Air conditioning/heating:
          Depending on the outdoor temperature, but also for reasons of environmental protection, air conditioning/heating is only available hourly (especially during off-peak seasons). Please also note that there may be frequent current fluctuations and power outages in southern countries, which also affect operation and the availability of air conditioning/heating. The emergency backup generators at our resorts do not have sufficient capacity to power air conditioning/heating. Not all resorts have room heating.

          Most of the time, rooms for three people are double rooms with an extra bed, which can limit the otherwise available space. The extra bed is usually a foldout bed or pull-out sofa bed and does not conform to the standards expected from a regular hotel bed.

          Family rooms:
          Please be aware that if you book a family room, your children will usually have children's beds or smaller extra beds that are not as large as the regular hotel beds.

          Room cleaning:
          For organisational reasons, the cleaning of rooms is done between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.

          Please understand that we must bill you on site for any damaged furniture and fixtures.

          On the day of departure, the rooms are usually available until noon. Checking in to your room on your day of arrival is therefore only possible from around 3 p.m. after cleaning, but we naturally endeavour to make your room available as early as possible (particularly in case of very early arrivals).

          Room requests:
          Requests concerning a specific room location can be directed to your travel organiser. Please note, however, that any such requests are not legally binding and it might not be possible to realise them.

          Economy rooms:
          Economy rooms conform (at a minimum) to the advertised standard of a double room at the resort. However, they may have a disadvantageous location.

          Depending on the season, it might not be possible to book the advertised rooms. To find out which rooms can be booked, please consult the booking system.

        • Entertainment

          Participation in any activities offered in our entertainment or sports programmes and the use of sports facilities or equipment is at the guest's own risk. Parents will be held responsible for their children. TUI MAGIC LIFE cannot assume any liability. Please note that our offers are subject to availability. Some activities are limited to a specific number of participants. The services described in our offered activities are for adults only. Kids & teens have their own programmes. The minimum age for our aquatic sports offers is 12, and 16 for all other sporting activities. Sports equipment may not be used by kids & teens, except for use within the framework of the Kids & Teens entertainment programmes. Damaged sports equipment (rented or otherwise provided by us or third parties) has to be paid for on site. Please also understand that, in the case of such damage, equipment might not be available for use until it has been repaired. The entertainment programme runs 6 days a week. On days without entertainment activities, surfboards and canoes (depending on availability at the resort) can be taken out at the aquatic sports station upon presentation of the relevant certificate of proficiency. A variety of parlour games is available from the Activity Desk. In case of bad weather, the evening shows may be cancelled or moved indoors. Weather conditions or a low number of participants can limit the activities on offer. Not every advertised activity takes place every day.

          Minis, Kids & Teens entertainment:
          The entertainment programme for Kids & Teens runs 6 days a week. However, this is purely an entertainment programme and not childcare. Kids & teens can participate, but are not obligated to do so. The duty of supervision remains with parents even within the scope of the Kids & Teens entertainment programmes. For children who are not allowed to leave the Magic Mungo Club without an adult, the Magic Mungo Club team will assume responsibility for the child during the opening hours of the Mungo Club for the duration of the child's stay. Some activities require a minimum number of participants. If the teens programme does not have a sufficient number of participants, they will join the adults' programme where possible. The Magic Mini Club offers infant care 6 days a week. You can leave your infant during opening hours or stay with them at the Mini Club. In order to guarantee suitable care, only a limited number of children can be supervised at once. Please therefore be advised that supervision of your child may not be possible if demand is too high.

          TUI MAGIC LIFE treats you to many events with different themes, such as sports, show, mental training, etc. These events are organised by special event partners during the specified period. Please understand that dates and times may change on short notice due to unexpected changes in our event partners' schedules or for other organisational reasons.