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        Free cancellation

        *Conditions of campaign Flex rate: flexible cancellation

        Flex rate - rebook or cancel free of charge

        What is Flex rate?
        Flex rate is an upgrade that you can secure for package holiday offers. It gives you the option of rebooking or cancelling your booked trip free of charge up to 15 or 29 days before arrival depending on your choice of flight. Plan your next holiday in a relaxed way, TUI gives you the flexibility.

        How can I get Flex rate?
        Flex rate can be booked when booking a package holiday. If you select a trip from the TUI D tour operator brands, the rate will be displayed in the booking process. The Flex rate is not available for X-TUI offers.

        How much does the upgrade to Flex rate cost?
        The costs for the upgrade depend on the booked travel price and start from € 49. For the calculation of the total travel price, the travel price of all participants excluding additionally booked services, such as seat reservations on the aircraft or excursions, is taken into account.

        Will I keep Flex rate if I rebook my trip?
        Yes, Flex rate will be transferred in case of a rebooking and will remain valid.

        Does the Flex rate also apply to scheduled flights and long-distance travel?
        Yes, the Flex fare covers trips with scheduled and charter flights of the tour operator brands TUI and airtours, whether near or far. For scheduled flights, the cancellation period is 29 days before departure.

        Can I change to Flex rate after I have booked?
        No, Flex rate can only be selected directly at the time of booking. Unfortunately, it is not possible to change to Flex rate at a later date.

        Is it possible to cancel Flex rate at a later date?
        No. If you have chosen Flex rate directly when booking, it is not possible to change to the standard fare at a later date.

        What cancellation conditions apply if I have to cancel my package holiday less than 15 days before arrival?
        With Flex rate you can change or cancel your package holiday - free of charge up to 15 or 29 days before arrival! After that, the fees in TUI's General Terms and Conditions and Travel Conditions apply. If you would like to protect yourself against cancellation fees for the period less than 14 days before arrival, we recommend you also take out travel cancellation insurance (please note the insurance conditions).

        Can I really cancel my booking with Flex rate without any reason?

        Yes, you can cancel your hotel booking up to and including 15 days before arrival without giving any reason.
        With the Flex rate Upgrade, you can change or cancel your package holiday free of charge up to and including 15 or 29 days, depending on your choice of flight.

        How do I get back the payments I have already made after cancellation?
        If you have booked Flex rate and cancel your package free of charge within the specified period, the deposit and, in the case of cancellations at short notice, the balance of the payment will be refunded to you via the specified payment method (exclusive Flex rate fee).

        No Flex rate booked? 3 days free cancellation

        Cancel 3 days free of charge

        Have you booked a trip and then don't want to go on it? Or you would like to book a trip and would like to know in advance what the conditions are for a possible cancellation?

        With TUI MAGIC LIFE we have a very simple and transparent solution for this: our "3 days free cancellation" service.

        With this service we give you some time to think about booking your next holiday. You can book first and then have a few days to change your mind. If you have made your decision too quickly and cannot travel as planned, you have the option of cancelling your holiday free of charge. The condition for this is that the start of the holiday is at least 28 days in advance and it is a TUI Deutschland product (TUID, not XTUI) with an included charter flight and you have booked the trip yourself. Packages that include a scheduled flight are excluded from our service. The same applies to bookings that can only be booked on request. However, this rule also applies to hotel-only bookings.

        During what period can I cancel the booking for free?

        Free cancellation is possible within 3 days after the booking – e.g.: booking on Tuesday, free cancellation possible until Friday.

        How do I cancel the booking?

        Simply send us an email with the following information (found in the booking confirmation): name, your address, email address and reference number of the booking. We will verify your request and cancel your holiday free of charge if the above conditions apply.

        How do I know if I can cancel free?

        On the website on which you booked your holiday you will find the information "3 days free cancellation" beneath the total amount of the respective offer.

        When will the deposit be due?

        The deposit is due within 3 days after your booking, irrespective of the possibility of free cancellation. If you have already payed the deposit before cancellation it will be retransferred to you as soon as possible.

        Can I cancel 4 or more days after the booking?

        If you want to cancel your booking after 3 days you must contact us as soon as possible. Once your booking has been cancelled you can expect to receive a cancellation invoice within 14 days. If you don’t, please contact us. To cover the cost of processing your cancellation, and to compensate us for the risk that we may not be able to resell your travel arrangements, we’ll raise a cancellation charge. This charge is based on how many days before your booked departure we receive your cancellation notice and is a percentage of the total cost of your booking.