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        Ticketless Travelling

        In order to ensure the most convenient & comfortable trip possible, you will not receive travel documents anymore. All that is required for travel is a valid passport. All information relating to your holiday can be found on your service portal (the My TUI service portal is not available in English).

        • Validity: Which bookings allow ticketless travel?

          Ticketless travel is possible when booking your holiday with TUI or XTUI.

        • Exceptions: When is ticketless travel not possible?

          If you bought a package including the "train to flight" service, you must print out the voucher & take it with you, as it has to be presented on the train. Deutsche Bahn train tickets are available to print out from four weeks before the day of departure on the service portal (the My TUI service portal is not available in English). Austrian Federal Railways tickets will be sent by e-mail before the day of departure. Please note that there must be at least two business days between the date of booking and the day of arrival!

        • Advantages: What are the advantages of using "My TUI"?

          You can find all information relevant to your booked trip on the My TUI service portal (only available in German) four weeks prior to your departure:

          • Travel schedule, highlights at the holiday destination, travel checklists
          • Your travel agency's contact information, including photo (if available)
          • Your contact person's contact information at your holiday destination
          • Travel plan for download
          • Hotel details, photos
          • Departure countdown
          • Currency converter
          • Flight and airport information
          • Booking extras for the flight, such as special baggage
          • TUI Cars car rental, travel insurance
          • Available excursions, including contact forms
          • Travel conditions
          • Weather
        • Contact persons: Where can I find information on my contact person?

          Information on the contact person responsible for your booking or your contact at the destination can be found at (My TUI portal is not available in English) after successful registration.

        • Transaction number: Where can I find my transaction number?

          In order to register with meine-TUI-de (the My TUI service portal is not available in English), you will need your transaction number, which you can find on your booking confirmation.