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        Terms of Use

        Terms of Use for the website

        A website by Robinson Club GmbH

        Any use of this website (hereinafter “Website”) is subject to the following Terms of Use.

        1. General Information on the Website

        1.1  Robinson offers all the General Information provided on the Website solely as reference for the user. A user is anyone who uses the Website for the purposes of booking or information. General Information comprises all statements on the Website except those referring to travel services, travel prices, taxes and/or other mandatory legal information (such as that cited below in section 1.2). The General Information is subject to changes at any time. For this reason, users should contact the relevant institutions, embassies or tourism information offices to ensure that the provided information is up to date.

        1.2 Information related to entry into a country and health formalities applies exclusively to users who are citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Republic of Austria or Switzerland. In this context, different regulations may apply to all other users, who must obtain this information on their own initiative from the applicable consulate or diplomatic representatives.

        2. Use of the Website

        2.1 The Website is available to users only for personal use. The user may not resell, broker or otherwise collect payment from third parties for travel, flight and other tourist services (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Tourist Services”) obtained via the Website from our company or from various external companies, such as travel insurance agencies, car rental companies, airlines, etc. (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Providers”).

        2.2 Robinson reserves the right to refuse at its own discretion any kind of user access to this Website or parts thereof without notice and/or to terminate the operation of this Website without notice.

        2.3 The Website may be used exclusively in a legally permissible manner and in accordance with these Terms of Use for the offered purposes. Usage in this sense refers particularly to the information about Tourist Services as well as their booking, if applicable, and any other legal use of the functions installed on the Website. By using the Website, users accept or confirm the following in particular: a) Users assume full responsibility for all actions performed under their own name and through the use of their personal data on the Website. b) If the Website is used for the purpose of executing contracts, users must be at least 18 years old and legally competent. c) Users assure that all information which they provide about their person and/or accompanying travellers is truthful and that they are authorized to provide the information. d) The Website may not be used for purposes of speculation, false or fraudulent bookings or block bookings. e) Any threat, coercion, defamation and the transmission of pornographic, racist, inflammatory or otherwise unlawful and/or discriminatory material are expressly prohibited. f) Users may not modify, copy, forward, sell, publish or reproduce the Website and its contents in any form. However, the creation of a single copy of the Website for private, non-commercial use is permissible. g) Files that contain software or any other material protected by industrial property rights or copyrights or personal rights may not be distributed, unless the users have the right to do so or have obtained the required permissions. h) Files containing viruses, modified (corrupted) files or software that may damage the operation of the computer of a third party may not be installed. i) Allocations of the author, legal information, proprietary designations or markings contained in a loaded file (software or other material) may not be deleted or falsified. j) Users may not advertise or offer to sell any merchandise or services or carry out or forward surveys, competitions or chain letters. k) The Website may only be accessed via the corresponding home page. Use of the Website in the scope of affiliate programmes is only permitted in case of a prior written agreement with Robinson. Links to the Website may not be displayed by embedding them in frames without prior permission from Robinson.

        2.4 The regulations stipulated in section 2.3 also apply to bulletin boards, blogs, chat rooms and other forums for communication (summarised as “Forums”) on the Website. All Forums represent public and not private communication. Robinson neither reviews nor approves any of the contents by third parties in these Forums. Robinson reserves the right to remove without notice any Forum contents that were communicated or sent by users.

        2.5 By using the Website, the user undertakes to release Robinson and its affiliated companies pursuant to sections 15ff. of the German Stock Corporation Act (hereinafter referred to as “affiliated companies”), partner companies and employees from any claims by third parties (including the costs of an appropriate legal defence or prosecution) that are based on the user’s non-contractual, fraudulent or otherwise illegal use of the Website and its contents upon first request.

        3. Software

        3.1 Robinson, its affiliated companies and/or the partner companies are owners of all proprietary rights of the computer programmes created in machine language (“software”) which Robinson may provide on the Website for download and/or which is otherwise operated in or in connection with the Website. The unauthorised use, copying or distribution of such software is expressly prohibited.

        3.2 Use of such software may be subject to a separate agreement (“licensing agreement”) and other conditions. The user will receive detailed advance information about the necessity of such an agreement. The user may not install, copy or use software that accompanies or includes a licensing agreement without first declaring consent to the conditions of the licensing agreement.

        3.3 Insofar as the owner of the proprietary rights does not require the conclusion of a licensing agreement, it hereby grants the user a personal, non-transferable right of use that can be withdrawn at any time and which extends exclusively to the private use of the software for the purpose of access, representation and the contractual use of the Website in accordance with these Terms of Use.

        3.4 Liability for material defects and defects of title for the software is only provided insofar as it is legally mandatory or expressly owed and, if applicable, only under the terms of the licensing agreement.

        3.5 Any duplication of the software on other servers and/or data carriers for the purpose of further duplication is expressly prohibited. The same applies to tracing via reverse engineering, decompiling and/or disassembly.

        4. Links to other websites

        The Website may contain hyperlinks that lead to third-party websites. Robinson has no influence on their design and contents and therefore assumes no liability for the correctness, timeliness, completeness and/or contents of the information provided there.

        5. Changes to the Website

        Robinson reserves the right to make changes to the Website and/or its content at any time, particularly in regard to the selection of Providers, functionalities, information, databases, and/or their content.

        6. Copyright and trademarks

        6.1 TUI or its affiliated companies or contractual partners are owners of the copyright and all other proprietary rights of the Website and its content. Unless expressly specified otherwise, all content is the exclusive property of TUI and its affiliated companies or contractual partners. The names TUI MAGIC LIFE and TUI as well as all brands, logos and graphics of TUI MAGIC LIFE and TUI and other companies of the TUI Group on the Website are registered trademarks of the TUI Group companies or their partners.

        6.2 Only Robinson is expressly authorised to use the trademarks displayed on the Website.

        6.3 By using the Website, the user does not acquire any rights or licenses to use the trademarks in the sense of sections 6.1 and 6.2,


        Robinson Club GmbH, Karl-Wiechert-Allee 23, 30625 Hanover, Germany
        Company management: Bernd Mäser (Spokesman), Thomas Meyer
        Commercial register: District Court of Hanover HRB 54346 Vat ID no.: DE 114 206 354

        Current as of: February 2023