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        Archery - A direct hit for the holidays!

        Discipline, body control, concentration and patience. Waiting for the right moment to let go, finding the balance between tension and relaxation: Archery is a sport that requires attention, strength, a good eye, but also a solid character.

        Arrows and bows are among the oldest weapons and have been used since ancient times. The training of target accuracy and the feeling of success at the shot into the bull's eye guarantee unforgettable holiday experiences. No matter whether you want to follow in Robin Hood's footsteps or achieve the serenity of a Zen shooter: Dealing with the archaic weapon is an exciting and enriching experience.

        Under expert guidance, learning archery is easy and fun: courses for beginners and advanced archers as well as archery for children are also offered at the TUI MAGIC LIFE resorts.

        Bogenschießen im Club Kalawy

        Equipment & accessories

        Pfeile und Bogen zum Bogenschießen

        The equipment of a bowman includes not only the bow and the quiver with arrows, but also arm and finger protection. This protection is important, as bruising can occur without it due to the rebounding bowstring.

        The right posture, the rules for archery, further tips and the right technique for the perfect shot are taught by qualified instructors for children, beginners and advanced learners.

        Learn archery in the TUI MAGIC LIFE resorts

        The holidays are ideal for learning archery. All TUI MAGIC LIFE Clubs offer group archery courses as well as tournaments and midnight tournaments.

        Learn how to use bow and arrows in these resorts: