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        Wakeboard & Waterski

        Wakeboard & waterski - glide across the water

        Have you always wanted to try wakeboarding or water skiing? TUI MAGIC LIFE offers you the opportunity to do so. Experience the thrill of being pulled over the water by a motorboat at high speed with wakeboard or waterski on your feet. A good sense of balance and some strength in your arms are an advantage. Our professional staff will help beginners to learn the right technique. If you already know how to waterski and wakeboard - enjoy the ride!

        Included in all resorts with Highlight water sports: 

        • 2x per day motorized water sports of your choice (water skiing, monoski and wakeboard) inclusive
        • Against charge (partly third party services): Further use of waterski, wakeboard, monoski (each about € 10 per person/round)


        Our resorts with Highlight water sports (summer 2019):

        Dreamlike backdrops for water sports fun

        Beautiful beaches are the perfect backdrop for a wakeboard or water skiing holiday. In our resorts by the sea you can use the offer free of charge within the following framework - each further use costs € 10 per person/round.


        • TUI MAGIC LIFE Africana The resort in Hammamet in northern Tunisia offers free water skiing and wakeboarding twice a day, six days a week.
        • TUI MAGIC LIFE Sarigerme Located on the Aegean Sea, our Sarigerme resort offers free wakeboard or water skiing twice a day on every day of the week.
        • TUI MAGIC LIFE Penelope Beach If you want to test the wakeboard or water ski in Tunisia, you can do so on Djerba twice a day on any day of the week at no extra cost.

        Wakeboard- & Waterski offers in the resort

        Wakeboards am Strand

        How to stand on wakeboards


        Sporty holidaymakers don't want to be lazy on the beach by the sea. During a TUI MAGIC LIFE holiday in Tunisia or Türkiye, for example, you will get to know the fast-paced water sports fun with the wakeboard free of charge and under professional guidance.

        On a wakeboard you stand secured with foot straps in a deep knee bend. You hold on to a leash with a handle attached to a motorboat that pulls you over the water at a speed of up to 40 kilometres per hour. In wakeboard courses, beginners first practice how to get on the board and stand stable. Advanced riders can try their first tricks in the bow wave of the motorboat or over floating ski jumps. Wakeboard beginners often end up in the water at first attempts, so you should definitely be able to swim. A helmet and a life jacket provide additional safety. Children are allowed to ride the wakeboard with the permission of their parents at the minimum age of twelve years.

        How to waterski


        The greatest difficulty is the optimal start. The easiest way to learn how to waterski is on two skis. You put your feet in the rubber cuffs and grab the handle of the line to the motorboat with your hands. From a low sitting position with the ski tips pointing vertically upwards you squat out of the water as soon as the boat departs. Only when you are comfortable and balanced while being towed behind the boat try standing up. A good body tension is important for this.

        The optimum position for the handle is at hip height because this is where the body's centre of gravity lies. You can ride over waves in a slight knee bend at as acute an angle as possible. Only after a lot of practice during you waterski holiday a switch to monoski is recommended. On the monoski the feet are placed one behind the other in the pulling direction. This requires more strength in the upper body and forearms.